A Day with Michael Dalton

Michael comes from a long line of ministers and preachers. Born again at 15 through an angelic encounter, and called into ministry at 16; Michael became the 4th generation in his family to answer the call of GOD. Serving faithfully in his local church, he learned to minster and love the people of God.

Mentored by Apostle Larry Draughn for over three years; he experienced what the call of prophet meant upon his life. God spoke in 2001 and told Michael to move to California where he formed YES Ministries in 2003. A ministry devoted to bringing prophetic clarity, divine breakthrough and biblically sound teaching to the people of God.

GOD has taken this ministry to over 30 nations with signs following; including Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, England, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand and the US.

Prophet Michael loves the WORD of GOD and teaches with wit, wisdom, skill & humor. A radio broadcaster with RMG Radio; his hour long broadcast, The Word in Season is heard Monday thru Friday at 1pm (PST). Poet, playwright, singer, songwriter, author of several marketplace books, a businessman, and a consultant to government agencies, ministries, charities & young entrepreneurs in the areas of leadership, stress management, communications, time management & structure.