Abide Confernce

Join us Friday, July 6th to Sunday, July 9th of experiential training, worship, and ministry, focusing on what it means to abide in Christ, standing firm in our God-authored identity and adopting a Kingdom mindset within a culture of love and honor. This conference is offered through Expedition 61, an organization promoting discipleship training and spiritual formation in a variety of settings. Benjamin Dominguez is a native of DuPage County and founder of Expedition 61 and its partner nonprofit Arise Today. Benjamin offers similar conferences on the high seas as he captains sailing trips called “ARRR U Prepared.. to Walk on Water”

In the sessions, you will grow in the awareness of the anointing you carry. You will explore Scriptural truth that deactivates lies we have believed about healing, miracles and stepping out of the "boat". You’ll also learn new ways to cultivate and maintain an atmosphere conducive to healing and miracles in your personal lives, churches, or ministries.

The Abide evening sessions will include worship, teaching, and ministry and are open to the public.

Speaker Information

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    Chuck Parry

    It is a privilege to have Chuck Parry as the keynote speaker this year. He teaches at Bethel church as well as across the globe, empowering people to step into the freedom they’ve been given as sons and daughters of the King of Kings. He is an anointed healer and gifted teacher. He demonstrates a grace-filled, honoring, and whimsical approach to Kingdom building. He is fully focused on the co-mission of building the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven, and he has learned how to walk with and abide in Christ as a daily lifestyle. Last summer, Chuck joined the Expedition 61 team on his Second ARRR U Prepared sailing trip and he is looking forward to joining this adventure again this year. More info on Chuck ParryI

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    Matthew Dominguez