Ancient Hebraic Dream Interpretation Mentoring

Most of us hear God speak through his Word, through that still small voice, or by our circumstances. Dreams are also a meaningful way in which God speaks to us that we often discount or find confusing. Although dreams can be mysterious, strange, and confusing, they don’t have to be. The Lord desires to speak to you about your life, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. In scripture we see that God uses dreams to help guide, lead, and instruct people… to give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding! The same is true today.


What Is It?
Two hours to review ancient Hebraic dream interpretation methods, share and interpret dreams.

Who May Attend?
Anyone who has completed one of Pastor Kristi's Dream Interpretation Classes or Streams Ministries Dream Interpretation Training.

Speaker Information

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    Kristi Graner

    Pastor Kristi Graner is an internationally recognized speaker and workshop facilitator, inspiring people in all walks of life, in all parts of the world with an anointed message of hope and healing through her works at Dare to Believe Ministries. Pastor Kristi, Director and Founder of Dare To Believe Ministries, is the Sozo Regional Director for the Minnesota Area, a trainer for Streams Ministries International, and the Director of the School of Transformation.

    Dare To Believe is a Bible-based teaching and mentoring ministry that helps people learn to hear and discern God's voice in their lives. It is led by Pastors Gary and Kristi Graner. Dare To Believe specializes in Sozo Ministry, biblical dream interpretation, and founded the School of Transformation in Burnsville, MN.