Building For Impact

"Built together into a habitation for the Spirit of God" --Eph 2:22

Known around the world for miraculous healing ministry and power evangelism, Che has a passion to see the Body of Christ built up into maturity to transform our communities with the goodness of God. What if, as the Body of Christ in our valley, we really were all built together into a habitation for the presence of the Spirit of the Living God? What impact would that have on our schools, our culture, our quality of life?

Join us in May and find out!

Speaker Information

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    Che Ahn

    Che Ahn is the apostolic leader and founder of Harvest International Ministries (HIM).In its 20 years, HIM has grown to over 30,000 ministries in 65 nations.Che has authored 9 books including "Say Goodbye to Powerless Christianity."