Come To The Light – the unique Worship Event!

This special event was born out of a deep longing — the longing for more of God's presence in our lives and also in gathering with other Christians. The bible says that as we look at Him we are being transformed into His image. This is the bottomline of Come to the Light. Getting together, worshipping and expecting everything without planning anything ahead! A few hours of undivided attention focussing on Jesus - and lives get transformed.

This has been our experience for 25 years, and countless testimonies give evidence of this. No pressure to perform, just allowing oneself to fall into the loving hands of Jesus and to enjoy! If you have encountered and gotten to know this awesome God, you know that one cannot outgive Him. He responds with conversions, healings of body and soul, deliverance from small and large burdens as well as from bondages, new experiences with the Holy Spirit and His gifts. Come to the Light is no entertainment and it doesn't focus on any entertaining spirit. It's an event focussing on the sincere longing to devote more time and space to express our faith and to be before our great God.

Speaker Information

  • Walter_hoch

    Walter Heidenreich,

    originates from Iserlohn, Germany. He met Jesus when he was a lost drug addict at a druggies party and his whole life changed instantly. Walter and his wife, Irene came to Lüdenscheid in 1977, joined the FCJG and took over the senior leadership after a short time.What started as a drug rehabilitation ministry has grown drastically in the past four decades. Besides the wide variety of different ministry branches of the FCJG locally, HELP International e.V.covers the international ministries of the FCJG.
    Walter is a well known international evangelist and conference speaker in high demand worldwide. He motivates and trains Christians to live their faith and to live according to their full potential in God. His heart beats especially for the young generation: to release them in churches and society for revival. Walter loves the people of God. It is very natural for him to appreciate and respect different denominations and diverse callings and recognizes God’s work in churches and groups. Last but not least, Walter is also the author of several books: His autobiography, HELP-I Need Somebody is a bestseller. It has been a blessing to hundreds of thousands and has been translated into 12 languages. To be able to minister more internationally especially in poor countries, Walter and Irene founded FCJG Horizont to serve the whole body of Christ worldwide.