Design and Destiny Conference

It is imperative that we each understand
our unique design and anointing
so we can step into our destiny

with purpose and intentionality

—not someday, but NOW!

Join us for the

Design and Destiny Conference

Fri –Sun, Feb 10-12, 2017

With Mark and Ann Tubbs

HIM Apostolic Leader over North America

*Fri. at 7pm *Sat. at 10am and 6pm *Sun At 10am

at The River Church, 205 Haggerty Lane

This is a FREE event! Offerings will be received.
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There is a billion soul revival emerging upon this planet. New Christians are born again at a rate that is 4 times faster than the growth of the human population world-wide. And God is preparing the body of Christ to receive this massive influx of people into the Kingdom.

As apostolic leader over thousands of churches across North America, Mark Tubbs is devoted to helping the church prepare for the greatest revival the world has ever seen. Mark knows it’s not enough to bring in the harvest, we must also prepare the way for the cultural transformation that comes with every true revival. You have an important part to play.

Mark reveals how you have a key role in building the kingdom of God.

This conference will help you:

  • Understand your own design,
  • Find your unique role in advancing the Kingdom
  • Come away with a fresh understanding of your anointing
  • Discover your destiny on a deeper level
  • Learn how you can bring transformation to your community

Mark is the apostolic leader overseeing ministries such as Patricia King, Shawn Bolz, Lance Wallnau, James Goll, Steven Springer, and thousands more! He is also the author of “The Five Fingers of God: Discovering Your Destiny Through The Five-fold Gifts.”