East Coast Sozo Conference with Laurie Westwood & Karen Welton

What is Sozo? Sozo (the Greek word meaning "saved, healed, delivered") is a unique inner healing ministry aimed at helping people get to the root of things hindering their personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Speaker Information

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    Laurie Westwood

    Laurie Westwood first fell in love with Sozo when she was physically healed in a sozo demonstration! Laurie is the director of the Sozo team at the House of Praise in Greenwood, DE, and the Bethel regional director for DE, NY, PA and NJ. Laurie is passionate about helping people connect directly and intimately to Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. She travels extensively, teaching and equiping ministry groups throughout the Northeast and Internationally about Sozo and a loving Father God. Having worked with the youth for 22 years and having 6 children, she also sees their need to be connected to the Godhead so they can also minister to their peers.

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    Karen Welton

    Karen Welton is the director of the Rochester Sozo Team at New Hope Community Church. She and her husband, Jonathan Welton, are the founders and teachers of Welton Academy, an online bible school with over 1,500 students around the world. Karen travels nationally and internationally speaking about identity, healing the heart, and discovering what you were born for. She is passionate about women's issues: birth, sex trafficking and slavery, and empowering women in church. She is also a doula (ie: birth coach) and the founder of Pain Free Birth, a movement to bring awareness that birth does not have to be scary or painful. When Karen is not traveling, attending a birth, or teaching sozo, she is usually home chasing her two young daughters around the house.