Empowered to Influence

In the beginning, God empowered mankind to reign with Him. Jesus empowered 12 who would change the world. Today we are empowered by The Holy Spirit to release the Kingdom of Heaven in our sphere of influence and do the greater things that Jesus spoke about. It is our privilege to equip, build up, inspire, and commission God’s people to go out and change the world. Come and receive vision, impartation and empowerment to become world changers!

Speaker Information

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    Andy Mason

    Andy Mason comes from New Zealand and has 15+ years experience helping individuals and organizations discover and align with purpose, then develop practical steps to make dreams a reality. He has worked for a national consultancy firm and leading financial institution as well as investing in international community development. Andy is the director of Heaven in Business. Andy and Janine live with their four children in Redding, Ca.

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    Janine Mason

    Janine Mason’s background is in people development, adult training and project management, for both non‐profit and profit‐based organizations. In addition to being a wonderful mother to four children, Janine is known for her perceptive questions that quickly help clients get to the heart of the matter and develop practical and holistic approaches for moving forward.