Fearlessly Creative

We are created in God's image. That means His most imaginative and creative DNA is inside of us!

Come join us for our Fearlessly Creative Conference! Together, we will be enjoying an atmosphere of creative freedom, and expressing the gifts and creative ideas that the Holy Spirit has been stirring within us. Now is the time for His Bride to help shake up the world around us with the stunning songs, indescribable images, prophetic poetry, stirring stories, divine dance, and any other creative works that He has been encouraging you to let out! Break free from the doubt that has been keeping you from expressing that gift within you. Come join us as we bring Heaven to Earth through His creative gifts.

Speaker Information

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    Mary Hasz

    Mary Hasz is a friend of God. She had an encounter with Holy Spirit when she was seven years old and from that encounter a lifelong relationship with Holy Spirit began. Born with Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a form of Muscular Dystrophy, Mary struggled to walk and to fit in with other children. At the age of fourteen, she began reading through the Bible and discovered the miracle-working power of Jesus as He went about healing all who were sick. She began a five-year healing journey and walked out of the disease. Twelve years later her heart was deeply wounded, and the disease returned worse than it had ever been. She went on another journey of healing and allowed the Holy Spirit to heal the traumas of her heart. Her body responded, and for a second time she walked out of the disease.
    When she regained the use of her legs and hands, she sought the Lord for purpose in her life and He instructed her to paint. She is now a prophetic artist who releases onto canvas the pictures the Lord gives her. She fights for the freedom of all people, not constrained by religious doctrine but moving in the power of God. Mary carries a message of hope, teaching on the power of the blood of Jesus and on the keys to overcoming. She invites everyone onto the playground of heaven to be like little children before a very, very good Father. Mary and her husband, Rich, have five grown children and live in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.

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    Ann Mack

    Ann Mack is the Director of INovia Dance that began in 2011. She is also the Director of Dance at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Ann is an international speaker and dance and flag teacher with 18 years of experience.
    Ann highly values the leading of the Holy Spirit incorporated with movement gained in the classroom and manifested in worship. The belief in unspoken created movement, a language not heard by human ears, that transforms and aligns body soul and spirit.
    Creating a safe environment for exploration and personal transformation. Encouraging dancers and flaggers to become a visual display of God’s heart through the transparency of dance.