GLSM - Supernatural Lifestyle School wsg. Jaime Galloway & Drew Neal

Jesus told people He was the son of God and then He showed them He was the son of God. The gospel is show and tell and it’s take a radical commitment to who we are in Christ to manifest God’s goodness in this way. The power of God towards those who have never encountered His love is meant to be dispersed by believers who are so consumed with the love of God, that they overflow with it every where that they go. When you have an encounter, you can become an encounter. Faith is spelt R-I-S-K. In this school you will learn to take risk with wisdom and invitation into the lives of others, that they would be transformed by the power and love of God. You will be activated for ministry on the streets that would include salvation, healing, encouragement and words of knowledge - all with a “bedside manor” that yields honor and not shame.

Join us both evenings of March 13 and March 14 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm!