Kingdom Influence Conference

Join us at The Well Church in Grand Rapids, MI on April 21-23, 2017 for the Kingdom Influence Conference.

Our goals for this gathering are to experience God’s presence and to hear His voice with greater clarity. In doing so, we are healed and restored by His love and then sent out to impact society with the power of the fullness of God's Kingdom

Because the Kingdom of God is released in and through His sons and daughters, Kingdom Influence Conference will equip you to hear God with greater clarity as you partner with heaven to BRING the Kingdom into your business, workplace, home, and everywhere you go!

SOAK in God’s presence as you worship with The Well Church’s worship team and be equipped by our guest speakers, Steve and Kim Beaumont from Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Get your ticket now for the Kingdom Influence Conference!

Speaker Information

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    Steve & Kim Beaumont

    Kim Beaumont is the Prophetic Community Pastor at Bethel Church and oversees Bethel Prophetic Life Groups. Kim teaches in Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and co-leads the popular course Marketplace Prophetic with Steve. Kim has been an ordained pastor for 12 years and a business owner with Steve for 18 years. She trains and teaches future leaders on how to cultivate a healthy prophetic community in order to see the Kingdom advanced and communities transformed.

    Steve Beaumont is the Business Community Pastor at Bethel Church and oversees the Heaven in Business entrepreneurial classes in Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry ( Steve regularly connects with, encourages, and consults Redding local businesses from his 25+ years of corporate business experience. He has been involved in both local and international companies, including four companies that he and his wife, Kim, founded.

    Steve and Kim live in Redding, CA and have raised three amazing children. They consider family their greatest success.