Moral Revolution Conference

Join us March 17-18, 2017 for an all-family Moral Revolution conference with Havilah Cunnington, hosted by Westgate Chapel. Whether you are a teen, young adult, parent, single, married or engaged, this conference is for you! God has a divine design for your identity and sexuality. Let's stop looking at the world for these standards and instead let's look at what God had in mind when He created us.

Our vision is to see a revolutionary shift in the way every individual understands, values and stewards purity and morality. This shift will help establish the safest, healthiest and purest generation that has ever walked the face of the earth. Those who embrace this divine wisdom will break unhealthy mindsets, be freed to value purity, honor marriage and empower wholeness in every family.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn and talk about God's design for our sexuality!

Speaker Information

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    Havilah Cunnington

    In addition to slaying dragons, Havilah is a wife, mom, author, communicator, and friend. She is a Pastor at Bethel Church, the Director of Moral Revolution, and Founder of Truth to Table. Recently, she began online Bible Studies hoping to inspire the world from her kitchen table and reaching thousands through her books Radical Growth, I Do Hard Things, The Good Stuff, and Eat. Pray. Hustle. Havilah's greatest joy is spending time with her husband, Ben, and their four young sons: Judah, Hudson, Grayson, and Beckham.