Re-formation Fire

Re-formation Fire
The year 2017 is a year of Jubilee: We are celebrating 500 years of reformation! Led by Dr. Martin Luther, an Angustinian Monk, it opened the way for revival! The radicalness of this reformation started a renewal in the former church in Germany and far beyond it. Men and women of God were so open for the full gospel and shared the love and grace of God everywhere. John Wesley, Charles Finney, Dwight L. Moody, William Booth as well as Graf Nikolaus von Zinzendorf (together with the Moravian movement) are just some of the men of God who continued this reformation.

Looking into church history, we should acknowledge that renewal movements always got stuck in traditions. It is not different in our day. One of the telltale signs is that Missions has lost it’s importance. We, the body of Christ should fulfill the great commission – “Go into all the world and make disciples of all men.” (Matthew 28:19) – to prepare a runway for Jesus to return. The Moravians left us a great legacy: they followed the call of God without compromise!

Today, only a few live in their calling; following the call of God without compromise to go where they are sent. The fire of the Spirit of God is burning and God is moving in power. We want to yield to this renewing move of the power of God again. It’s not just about Evangelism and Missions, but about Evangelism and Mission in the power of God - accompanied by signs and wonders. It’s about a personal and global transformation – revival. It’s about radical devotion to Jesus and His kingdom and about fulfilling the great commission to go into world mission. It’s about YOU and your unconditional, unreserved surrender and devotion to the Holy Spirit and about the plans that God has for your life.

When we look at the global body of Christ, it’s obvious that many things have to be renewed and reformed urgently. And in the same way that God used Dr. Martin Luther, He is still using people like you and me today.Where are the new reformers? Are you living in reformation? Maybe YOU, of all people, are a reformer?

We heartily invite you to RE-FORMATION FIRE in Lüdenscheid/Germany. To make way for the Holy Spirit in your life and to devote yourself in a new way to Him in worship, evangelism and missions.

Walter Heidenreich

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    Apostle Walter Heidenreich,

    originates from Iserlohn, Germany. He met Jesus when he was a lost drug addict at a druggies party and his whole life changed instantly. Walter and his wife, Irene came to Lüdenscheid in 1977, joined the FCJG and took over the senior leadership after a short time.What started as a drug rehabilitation ministry has grown drastically in the past four decades. Besides the wide variety of different ministry branches of the FCJG locally, HELP International e.V.covers the international ministries of the FCJG.