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For the past couple of years, we as FCJG/HELP community have dived into a new move of God - initiated by the Holy Spirit - which is making a great impact on our worship services, too. 1 Cor. 14:26 “... if you gather together, everyone has something ...” becomes very practical. It is not about any specialists entertaining the congregation with worship music or good biblical messages, however, everyone has something to share and the Holy Spirit wants to lead and guide us in doing so. In this way, we are serving God and one another. Everyone is welcome to bring instruments and play these in accordance to the music. Many of the songs come up spontaneously and those who receive them are welcome to sing them via a free microphone. To make room for the creative work of the Holy Spirit, we have made space for people to dance or paint during services. No matter what we do and in everything we are, it is always about JESUS alone!

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Speaker Information

  • Walter_heidenreich_

    Walter Heidenreich

    was born in Iserlohn (Germany). In 1977, he and his wife Irene came to Lüdenscheid and joined FCJG (Free Christian Youth Community). Shortly after their arrival, they took on the leadership of the community.

    Once merely a drug rehab center, the ministry has rapidly grown within the past decades. Meanwhile there are two organizations: FCJG Lüdenscheid with a number of local ministry branches, and HELP International, Inc., the international ministry branch of FCJG with communities and international ministries in seven nations.

    As an international well-known and credited evangelist and conference speaker, Walter is travelling the globe. His ministry is marked by the power of the Holy Spirit, the release of the spiritual gifts as much as signs and miracles. He motivates and trains Christians to live up to their calling, to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and do what the bible says. Walter longs to see revival as much as seeing the release of the young generation to serve the church and society.