The Unveiling Conference with Brian Simmons

Brian Simmons unveils the Revelation of Jesus in the newest addition to the Passion Translation Project, the book of Revelation. More info found at

Speaker Information

  • Brian_simmons

    Brian Simmons

    After marrying, Brian and his wife Candice were called to an unreached tribal people along the Purcuro River, the Paya-Kunas. God answered their prayers and worked mighty miracles so that nearly all the villagers are followers of the Lamb of God now. As a linguist, Brian translated the New Testament in the Paya-Kuna language.

    Moving to New England they were involved in starting and growing Gateway Christian Fellowship for 18 years. Currently, Brian travels, teaches and devotes much of his time translating the Bible into a new, dynamic version, The Passion Translation Project. It reveals the living breath of life in the Bible, and has the potential to shape the spirituality of the church for generations! To help Christ followers to be raised up passionately in love with Jesus Christ!

  • Timothyportrait

    Timothy Sherman

    Bob Jones, Timothy’s long time spiritual father, prophesied the beginning of Eagle’s Nest ministry where Timothy would establish training centers for the prophetic with the first one to be located in Spokane, WA (’92-‘97) and then throughout the U.S.

    Timothy’s burning passion is to see the church equipped in the revelation of Jesus & to see the fullness of Acts 2 manifest on the earth. He & his wife, Glenda Sherman, moved their ministry headquarters to Redding, CA in 2013 where they are establishing another Eagle’s Nest training center.

  • Glenda

    Glenda Sherman

    Glenda Sherman is a dynamic prophetic voice, ministering as a teacher with a powerful anointing. Her words have built up, encouraged, and awakened God given destiny in the lives of many.

    She speaks words of wisdom and insight with a gift for bringing the practical dimension of the prophetic so that it can be easily put into practice. She has walked a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy. The listener will always be invited into encountering a deeper intimacy with Jesus Christ.