Visual Voice - prophetic arts conference

Let yourself be inspired, trained and motivated.
Develop your heavenly creative potential

You get trained in your creativity to bring heaven to earth so that people around you have an encounter of love with their Creator. You will be equipped to courageously change the culture around you and in all the different areas of society. The prophetic arts reformation will transform your life, your city, your country and the whole of Europe – be part of it!

Speaker Information

  • Gary_wilson_brief_1

    Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson was a college Prof. for 45 years at Monroe County Community College where his work load included courses in Creativity, Ceramics, Drawing, Art Appreciation and Art History. He has been a working artist for 45 years with an emphasis in clay, both functional and sculptural, exhibiting at street fairs all over the Midwest in the U.S.A., averaging 6 to 9 shows a year.

    He received many awards including First Places, Best of Shows and Peoples Choice awards. His work has been purchased by churches, hospitals, funeral homes, colleges and universities as well as by private collectors.

    He has appeared in Darren Wilson films «Holy Ghost» and «Holy Ghost Reborn», and has recently finished a seven-part video series on «God and Creativity» with Darren Wilson which is being aired on TBNUK and available online at Gary has been married to his wife Linda for 47 years and he has two married children and six grandchildren. He lives now in Greenville, South Carolina.

  • Truttmann-ruth-bearbklein

    Ruth Truttmann

    Ruth Truttmann loves to be creative out of the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit, to float in the river of his inspiration and to be amazed by how he is working through her. Again and again she experiences how heaven connects with her brush strokes and colors and how people have a personal en- counter with God through her art. Inner and physical healings take regularly place trough paintings of her team.

    Ruth leads the field of the «prophetic arts» in the Free Christi- an Church Aarau, she trains people in the prophetic gifts and teaches, among other things, at the «». She wrote and illustrated the children‘s book «The journey to the king» that has developed into a top seller at the publishing house ADONIA.

    A big dream of Ruth is that heavenly arts in all forms take their rightful place in the churches, in art scene and in the personal lives again, that each person starts to live out their God-given talent and bestows on to others. She dreams that the heavenly arts not only have influence in the general art scene, but are pioneers.

    Together with her husband, four children, her dog and two cats she lives in the Swiss midlands.

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    Mayra Pankow

    Mayra Pankow is an artist who has lived in Germany for 26 years.

    She leads the prophetic creative work in the Christus Church community in Duisburg / DE and is active in the prayer ministry as well as in the SOZO ministry.

    Mayra is a Mixed Media and Coldwax artist with her own stu- dio and a gallery in Mülheim an der Ruhr. She conducts seminars in Germany and abroad. One of her passions is to bring people into their full identity as artists and to connect them with the Creator God. But also positioning these artists as sons and daughters in their church communities goes along with this, so that they can be sent out and fulfill their mandate for transformation.

    Her works are to be found in Europe and in the USA. She is convinced that prophetic art now carries a momentum for this time, with an increasing power which will bring about transformation.

    Her dream is that her art will find ways to bring about positive change in areas of politics, finance, innovation and in hospitals.
    She has been married to Dietmar for 33 years and has 4 sons and a daughter.

  • 1j5a0356

    David Togni

    ‹Love or hate – You make the difference› this life motto of Da- vid Togni is at the same time the vision of his fashion label ‹LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR›. This positive credo inspires him to create the graphics that decorate his T-shirts. David a native of Schaffhausen. 12% of the revenue, mainly Fairtrade products, are freely distributed to the needy people in our neighborhood. When he was 25, he founded this charity fashion label and started to stir up the

    Swiss fashion industry. Television and radio have reported on His heavenly vision and by God‘s favor and his warm, cordial manner, he finds the doors of the hearts of both national and international stars from the music, art, fashion and film industry open to him.