Worship Director

St. Paul, MN Created Jun 15, 2017 5:27 am
North Heights Church
Job Type:
Hours Per Week:
Job Description:

1. Creating an inviting, worshipful atmosphere, a space in which people can meet with God

2. Leading the congregation and the members of the worship ministry in growing their own relationships with the Lord through worship

3. Establishing a God-honoring culture of worship among the congregation

4. Mentoring a team of worship leaders who rotate in giving leadership

5. Developing the people who serve in the worship department

6. Providing spiritual covering to the worship department

Job Requirements:
  1. Lead worship and train others to lead worship for the various weekly worship services and events
  2. Draw from a mix of new, current, local, and traditional songs
  3. Allow room for the Spirit to lead during worship through prophetic words, singing in the Spirit, waiting on the Lord
  4. Build positive social dynamics and quality music
  5. Lead the worship team rehearsals
  6. Instruct instrumentalists and vocalists in using their natural and spiritual gifts in worship and ministry.
  7. Communicate with the Lead Pastor and other pastoral staff regularly for worship planning
  8. Attend staff meetings
  9. Direct and manage technical teams related to worship (overhead projection, live video stream, sound crews, lighting, worship planning software, etc.)
  10. Manage the worship department funds
  11. Manage CCLI Licenses, and song tracking requirements.
Highly Desired:

Personal Christian Walk:

  1. A personal relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ
  2. Daily encounters with God’s Word
  3. Filled with the power of the Holy Spirit
  4. Humble, servant leadership
  5. Seeks after and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit


  1. Skilled instrumentalist and quality vocalist with formalized training/study
  2. Ability to bring out the best in team members
  3. Prior experience in church or para-church worship ministry
  4. Ability to train, manage and develop other worship leaders
  5. Basic knowledge of sound, video, lighting, audio recording and editing


  1. Submission and obedience to God’s absolute authority and his delegated authorities
  2. Friendly, open, honest, affable, a person of integrity
  3. Healthy relationship at home with spouse and family

Organizational Skills:

  1. The ability to manage one’s personal schedule along with scheduling various worship and technical teams
  2. The ability to organize and communicate clearly and consistently
  3. The ability to generate and oversee the financial budget of the worship ministry department
Reports To:
Senior Pastor: TJ Anderson