Advance Sozo Training

Advance Training builds on the Basic Sozo teachings and is meant to be used to furthering of your deliverance/ inner healing ministry. You will be learning new tools such as how to heal post traumatic stress as well as early child hood beliefs in addition too prophetic deliverance, breaking free from familiar spirits and Shabar ministry training.

Speaker Information

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    Teresa Liebscher

    Teresa is the co-founder of the Bethel Sozo ministry in addition to founding and leading the Shabar ministry. Since 1997 Teresa has taught Sozo around the world and lead the Sozo ministry into a world network of teams and leaders that bring the Sozo decription ( saved , healed and delivered ) to life in almost every nation. She will be sharing out of her vast experience and knowldage. This is a unique opertunity to learn as she shares her journy through ministing Bethel Sozo to thousnds of Gods children. .