Art Sozo Leaders Training

Art Sozo is a new way to connect your emotions to the heart of God and allow His healing to take place. The activity of painting helps to bypass roadblocks and allow God's truth to shine through on canvas and speak deeply into hearts. No art experience is necessary to be able to enjoy Art Sozo.

This leader training is designed for those who are trained in Basic Sozo and want to learn the techniques used for the Art Sozo Workshop. You may take the training if you have not yet had Basic Sozo Training, but you will need to be trained in Basic Sozo and be part of a church Sozo team (or start a church-based Sozo Ministry!) before offering Art Sozo Ministry to others. Attendees should be at least 18 years old.

The goal of the training is to provide a deeper understanding of the Art Sozo process and give you information and hands-on experience to prepare you to lead workshops within a church-based Sozo ministry. Be prepared to be encountered with God's truth personally as you participate in this training!

Speaker Information

  • 2011_bio008

    Gail Spooner

    Gail is a Pastoral Counselor at the Bethel Transformation Center and the founder of Art Sozo.