Basic Sozo Live Training

The trainers for this event will be Sarah Baumgartner, Mike Horn & Kate Bagley.

Mike Horn is the Bethel Sozo Regional Facilitator for Central California from Sacramento to Bakersfield. Mike started the youth ministry in 1978 at Marin Christian Life Church in Novato, CA. He began attending Genesis Discipleship Training Center in 1979 and subsequently finished his biblical studies at Southwestern and Southeastern College. He was licensed with the Northern California Assemblies of God in 1982. Over the next ten years, Mike taught at Marin Bible College and traveled overseas as a crusade facilitator for World Outreach. In 1989, Mike and Pam moved back to their hometown in Fresno and started Zion Christian Fellowship in 1990. In 1995, Mike left the pastorate and began working with adjudicated youth at Valley Teen Ranch. In 2006, Mike, Pam and others started The River Church. In May 2014, Mike and Pam moved to Sacramento, CA.

After connecting with Bethel Church in Redding, they joined Global Legacy, a relational network of churches originating out of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Mike graduated summa cum laude from Fresno State in 1999 in criminology, and started graduate studies at Capella University in 2003. Curretly he is completing his master's degree in counseling at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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Sarah Baumgartner is the Assistant Regional Facilitator to Mike Horn. Sarah grew up on the mission field and later served in Bosnia as a missionary. There, she learned about what God was doing at Bethel Church in Redding California and decided that she had to experience it personally. Sarah completed all three years of the Bethel school of Supernatural ministry. In her third year she served as Teresa Liebscher's personal intern at the Transformation Center. Then she stayed an additional five years as her personal assistant. She then moved to Fresno to lead the Bethel Sozo team at The River church. Sarah trained and led the team for four years before she moved to Sacramento. She helped start the Sozo team in Sacramento and continues to serve the team here. She is a Bethel Sozo Certified Trainer, and has a passion to see people connected to Father God in a greater capacity that opens the way for freedom from lies, fears, and issues of life. She is also a certified crisis counselor, and is currently working on her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Liberty University to further her skills and have doors open for her to do counseling and inner healing as her full-time career in the future.

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Kate Bagley grew up in the LA area, and after completing her degree from UC San Diego, moved to Redding where she met and married her husband Erik. Prior to their move to Sacramento, they went through Bethel’s school of ministry and Kate worked as a pastor in the school for several years . Kate loves to create environments. People thrive, connect, are celebrated, empowered and experience the joy and fruit of collaboration where potential is unlocked. She currently works as a pastor in the local church at Jesus Culture Sacramento helping develop leaders. Kate aims to help individuals and communities identify and live in a place of convergence and purpose where their unique passions, skills and resources come together to serve and enrich the world around them.