Bethel Art Sozo - Workshop & Training Session

Art Sozo is a creative way of connecting to the heart of God and allowing His healing to take place in your life. The activity of painting helps bypass blocks we have knowingly and unknowingly put up and allows God’s truth to shine through on canvas speaking deeply into our hearts.

Gail Spooner will be leading us on our own journey of the Bethel Art Sozo process. The Bethel Art Sozo uses the Bethel Sozo structure but in a different format. On the first evening Gail will lead a workshop where, using paint, we will experience for ourselves the inner healing that can occur as God speaks directly to ourselves about lies we have consciously or unconsciously believed about Him. In the workshop we will be working alongside others to produce our own paintings as God reveals himself to us. It is hearing His voice as we paint with Him that is important, not the final piece. For this reason no artistic ability is necessary to successfully complete workshop and training sessions.

Once we have experienced an Art Sozo in practice, Gail will then over the course of two training sessions equip us to lead our own Art Sozo workshop (this is subject to us already being experienced Sozo team leaders). The event will also be of use to those not interested in leading workshops but merely want to hear God for their own lives and those around them, using a visual medium. People have experienced a release in creativity as they have gone deeper into co-creating with their Father. For the workshop participants will be seated around groups of tables with unto five other people. They will be painting on canvasses using acrylic paints. All the equipment will be provided and each participant will leave with a number of canvasses illustrating the beginning of their Art Sozo journey with their Father.

Speaker Information

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    Gail Spooner

    Gail Spooner serves as a Sozo counsellor at Bethel Transformational Centre, specialising in Art Sozo and Financial Sozo. Her passion for bringing freedom and connection with God through art led her to create Art Sozo Workshop. Gail’s background in counselling and therapeutic recreation, as well as certification as an Art 4 Healing facilitator through Chapman University, have uniquely equipped her to develop the Art Sozo technique. While attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, she was given the prophetic word; “you will develop an army of artists who will heal the hearts of the world” and she loves seeing this prophecy come true! She leads trainings to educate others in the Art Sozo technique.