Breaking Free: RLI Intro Weekend

Our life with God is a Journey.

There is a deep and profoundly beautiful relationship He has called us to walk out with Him! But sometimes our journey isn’t reflecting God’s promises - spiritually, emotionally, or relationally. God’s word has promised you freedom!

Our NEW “Breaking Free”, two-day event will introduce you to some of our teachings plus you will experience ministry helping you break free from fear, shame, guilt, self-hate, unforgivenessand the lies that we believe about ourselves, God and others. ALL of these will keep you stuck and from experiencing God’s best!

This is a powerful time of worship, teaching and ministry! Join us!

Speaker Information

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    Bryn Kelly

    Bryn Kelly is a powerful and dynamic speaker and minister with an apostolic anointing to bring healing and freedom to the body of Christ. Bryn and her husband Michael Kelly are Co-Founders and Senior Leaders of Restoring Lives International in Cincinnati, Ohio. During 30 years of illness, Bryn's journey to healing lead the Kellys to a supernatural encounter of healing and deliverance. Out of this life altering event, Michael and Bryn knew the Lord was calling them into a powerful and dynamic full time healing and spiritual sanctification ministry. 14 years and thousands of healed and restored people later, Restoring Lives International ministers to hundreds annually bringing freedom through transformational teaching on God's love, and the spiritual roots of illness and toxic emotions. Their passion is is to see the love of The Father's heart be manifest in the Kingdom- leading to freedom from fears, trauma, deep hurt and wounding, addictions, PTSD, and physical illnesses. Bryn's in-depth teaching and anointing to bring freedom continue to have a powerful impact in Greater Cincinnati, around the nation, and the globe. People have traveled from Europe, Africa, and China to attend their ministry events. Michael and Bryn have three incredible adult children, five beautiful grandchildren, many spiritual sons and daughters, and an extraordinary 100+ member ministry team.