BSSM Deployment Meet & Greet - Spring 2019

Please register by pressing the blue "Event Website" button below. (A login is required through our new event site. You can create a login easily before proceeding with registration.) As a reminder, registration is $25 per booth and multiple people can be present at one booth.

The “Meet & Greet” is an open platform for you to present the various opportunities in your ministry or organization that are awaiting our students upon their graduation. History has taught us that the most successful internships, and even paid positions, began with a relationship rather than merely an interview. So, we are offering you and our students an opportunity to meet and begin to build relationship. We also want to give our students a chance to meet revival leaders from their regions of the world, as many of them will be looking for connections and a place to call “home” after they complete BSSM.

All leaders are invited to host a booth at the event, including those who are visiting for the Leaders Advance and those who run a ministry or organization here in Redding. It will be set up much like a job fair, giving you the opportunity to connect with as many students as you'd like. Whether you have a position to offer or are just looking to connect with students who may be from your region, we invite you to attend this event.

Your Booth/Table Space:

You will be given a small table space (minimum 3 feet wide) for the purpose of advertising who you are and the organization you represent. The doors will open by 7am to afford you time to set up your space. You may place brochures/pamphlets, a free-standing poster, pictures, or even a laptop, etc. in this space. It is your space, so decorate it, offer treats to attract visitors--we give you creative liberty! Please note some food restrictions do exist: no gum, drinks with Red dye, coffee, cake, chocolate: especially brownies or cake, oily foods, salad dressing, pasta salad, condiments. Thank you for understanding.

Note about Electronics:
There will be limited access to electrical outlets for those of you who will be using a laptop or iPad to display your website/photos or to play videos. We recommend that you have your devices fully charged before you come. You are welcome to bring an extension cord knowing that there might not plugs available. Also, it may be helpful for you to provide headphones due to ambient noise if you have videos to show.

If you have any questions, please email

Please note: Though the Leaders Advance falls during the same week as the Meet & Greet - they are separate events. The Leaders Advance is by invite only. Thanks for understanding.