Festival On Heights

Festival On the Highest in Prague belongs to evangelistic events that are critically low in the Czech Republic. In Prague, the Capital, there are only a few similar events. It invites anyone to come and listen to Christian music and speakers, get prayer or talk to someone. It enables the Church to go out in the pleasant open space of a park to share Jesus Christ and faith personally and naturally and to disprove some common misconceptions about Christianity. We want to bring the Church to the people. Last year was the 3rd annual production of the event and over 1,500 people attended, some of them having never been in a church before. Many of them were impacted by the program, took a Bible or began attending other church events. Many Christians invite their nonbelieving friends there and support it, though their home church doesn’t participate. We see a big potential in an easily available location of the park in the City center. It also creates a space where Christians from various denominations can connect through worship and praise. The Festival is a culmination of our year-round work. At the moment six churches and over seven missionary organizations participate, and others are considering cooperation! The whole event is non-profit and there is no admission fee.