Global Legacy - Central Oregon with Jared Balke

The "Strengthen Yourself In The Lord" Conference.

From Jared,

"I have been on a journey of pondering and looking into the word how David strengthened himself. It says he did, but it does not tell us how he did it. If you read some of his Psalms we can see that one of the tools he used was remembering. Ps.103 for example; David says, 'forget not His benefits' and then he goes on to list many powerful ways, being a covenant people, the Lord provides for us. Just remembering what He has does cause strength to arise. There are other places in the Psalms of David where he is found remembering as well.

I have been searching scriptures on what else we should not forget or remember. There are a handful of truths that we should keep record of and not forget. Yes, we should have the mind of Christ. We should also be 'transformed and renewed mind' (Rom. 12). But there is a powerful Kingdom key in helping our mindsets in the practice of remembrance. This is possibly why Jesus broke bread in Luke with his disciples and said, 'do this in remembrance of me.'

If we are waiting on God, going threw a stormy season, about to venture off into a direction we have not known, we are gonna need to find some strength, and praise God, He has some for us in each season. "

Speaker Information

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    Jared Balke

    Jared has a ministry call to the nations.He sees miracles regularly and as a lifestyle. Jared has been doing ministry since 2001. He is experienced in gifts of word of knowledge, prophecy, and healing. Jared loves the church and loves seeing people restored body, soul, and spirit.