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So, you can know a little about the heart of the conference, the name I AM. was derived from a moment in worship where I couldn’t concentrate and started writing in my notebook. As the music played in the background, my notebook started to get filled of everything I am. I wrote three pages affirming and remembering everything I was created to be. As I looked at my notebook and the people around me the thought came to my mind, “How many people don’t know who they are and limit or have a hard time connecting with God?” I had not realized it, but while I was writing I began everything with “I AM.”

When I got home I researched where in the Bible the words “I AM” are found and stumbled upon Exodus 3. Moses was keeping the flock of Jethro, his father-in-law, and went to Horeb, the mountain of God. Moses saw a bush that was being burned, yet it was not consumed, curious Moses went to see why the bush was not burning and God called him. After God tells Moses his promises, he questions “Who am I?” We never question who we are as believers, but our identity is challenged when promises are spoken over our lives and we understand the depth of our purpose. Our graceful, loving God answers Moses “I will be with you and you will worship on this mountain”, yet Moses still questions himself. With clarity God says to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM,” in other words with the very breath and voice of who God is, He affirmed Moses to form his identity.

A lot of us have promises without identity because we don’t ask questions. I believe questions are one of God’s love languages because it shows we are invested in getting to know who He is and what He wants. It is a lie that we are not allowed to question God, it is His pleasure as a Father to answer His children. Believing and knowing who we are is interlinked with our faith. How well rooted we are in who God created us to be is how our promises become reality. My heart is to see a generations so secure in who they are that we live in a time where talents, dreams, gifts, and goals are exposed to show the goodness of God.

This conference is not just to hear a preaching, but rather to expose the real identity of every attendee. As a result, they will leave with confidence, encouragement, and security in who they are and their promises. All of us participating in this conference are a catalyst to the lives we will encounter. We are going to ignite the spark that has been in hiding, increase the passion and love, build relationships that edify, but most importantly bring redemption to many downcast souls.

I AM. Vision:

To inspire every generation to live in their God-given identity so they can walk with confidence, courage, and grace into their promises.

Speaker Information

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    Kelimar Vallecillo Samot

    Kelimar Vallecillo- Originally from Puerto Rico I moved to Florida at the age of six and gave my life to Christ at the age of 16. I have a passion for writing, teaching, helping churches, leaders and Pastors. I love to form a base of grace, love, compassion, and encouragement for all generations wherever I go.

  • Jeremy2

    Jeremy Gonzalez

    From Stockton, California Jeremy has a passion for people and embracing who God created them to be. A first year Pastor at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California Jeremy has experience working with people of all ages and partnering with God to bring healing to the broken and hurting. This is just a snippet of Jeremy's life, you do not want to miss his story of redemption, love, grace, and triumph.

  • Tony

    Tony Villa

    Tony has been leading worship since he was nineteen years old at Alburque, New Mexico. Tony's parents were saved when he was six years old and has been raised in the church, but, by his choice got saved at the age of fifteen. Tony is the leader of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Worship for team one and has a passion for adoration and the heart of God.

  • Tina_v

    Tina Villa

    A woman full of passion, fire, love, and spunk; Tina is the wife of Tony Villa and mother of two beautiful daughters. Tina cares for the heart of others making everyone feel seen and special. She has a voice of power and grace that brings the presence of God wherever she speaks.