Kingdom Entrepreneurship Conference

Every believer shares the same mission to bring His Kingdom. Some are called to do it through business, others through missions and yet others through the church. This conference will help you to build faith, receive spiritual empowerment, gain expertise to find and follow your calling in bringing the Kingdom.

You will also have the opportunity to build relationships with Kingdom focused people from around the country. We have brought together experienced Kingdom entrepreneurs in business, missions and the church, from Spain and Australia, to impart and teach you how to fulfil your unique calling.

It will help you to integrate your spiritual and business life, to see and take new opportunities and learn how to bring long term Kingdom success to your endeavours.

The conference speakers from Australia and Spain have spent lifetimes bringing the Kingdom in business, ministry and church leadership by bringing entrepreneurship, building great companies, establishing missions, helping the under-privileged and nurturing others to success.

Speaker Information

  • Marcoszapata400

    Marcos Zapata

    Marcos Zapata is founder of Iglesia Buenas Noticias Lugo (1989). He is a member of the Board of Directors of the national Good News movement and the current president of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance, as well as a well-known national and international speaker. He is a member of the board of the National Conference of Men; is part of the ministerial team of Operation Barnabas; national advisor of AGLOW; member of the Bioethics Committee of the Lucus Augusti University Hospital in Lugo. He trained in Teaching at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He is also an instructor professor of Systemic Therapy techniques and full professor of INFFA (Family Training Institute).

  • Wayneback

    Wayne Back

    Wayne Back has spent three decades in Australia and Asia Pacific helping various types of people and organisations bring the Kingdom of Heaven through their lives and enterprises. He has been a pastor, church planter, Bible college Principal, Executive Pastor and Senior Pastor of small, medium and large churches. He has founded and led a large Christian business community. He has founded and leads a corporate training and development company bringing Kingdom principles through corporate Australia and Asia-Pacific. He diagnoses the culture of Christian and corporate organisations and helps to bring cultural change. He is the author of six books including “Building Spiritual Enterprises” and his latest book “Kingdom Culture”.

  • Alfonsocherene400

    Alfonso Cherene

    Alfonso Cherene is an Evangelical missionary, born in Brazil, but has lived in Spain for 38 years. He is the former Director of “Youth with Mission - Spain” and has established various ministries and networks, focusing on young people, evangelism, missions, pastoral care for leaders, and family counseling networks. He currently resides in Galicia, where he runs a hostel whose purpose is to welcome pilgrims on the Portuguese way to Santiago de Compostela, and a meeting place for unity and reconciliation between Catholics and Evangelicals.

  • Mysterywoman400

    Mystery Speaker

    This speaker wishes to keep a low web-profile to facilitate her kingdom work in corporate Europe. She is young, Spanish and is a social entrepreneurship and innovation thought leader in Spain. She is a 10+ year entrepreneur, in her 3rd venture. She also leads also a certified B corporation.

  • Hughmarquis400

    Hugh Marquis

    Hugh Marquis is an experienced entrepreneur, speaker and social change philanthropist. He travels globally, advising government, business and other leaders. This has inspired a journey to transform societies rooted in greed, fear and corruption to one motivated by caring, sharing and prosperity for all. Hugh was the founder the IT Company, Network Neighborhood, which he sold to Australia’s leading electronics retailer. Currently, he is the CEO of Transformational Leadership Australia. He will set you up for great conversations and launch you on a transformational journey that will impact your family, business, community, city, nation and world.

  • Stevekeil400

    Steve Keil

    Steve Keil felt God spoke directly into his heart with a clear message: “You will start a greenfield business that will bless everyone it touches”. He wrote a new business model for franchises to suit Australian laws and include Kingdom principles. Today, that business now proudly blesses everyone it touches, whether they are customers, employees, suppliers or franchisees. Through strong social responsibility programs, the business helps local communities where franchisees operate and also engages in national charity and fundraising programs. Since 2003 Steve has led the expansion of the business to over 250 franchises with nearly 3,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand and turnover of over $A500M per annum.

  • Hilaryback400

    Hilary Back

    Hilary Back has spent over 30 years ministering in churches in Australia. She has also spent time working in politics and christian television. Hilary leads and trains prophetic teams to hear and deliver prophetic words that inspires faith and love. She has also been the coordinator of Church Unite, a ministry that brings the churches of Melbourne together for celebration, prayer and worship. Hilary's most recent church role has been as the prophetic and creative arts pastor in one of Melbourne's largest churches

  • Billtrestrail400

    Bill Trestrail

    Bill Trestrail is a senior executive with broad experience in hi-tech and research environments. He is the founder and owner of Market Momentum which assists early stage technology companies increase momentum and penetration in their chosen markets. He is focussed on developing and supporting the founders in their personal development and journey. Bill was previously Vice President of Silicon Graphics (SGI) Asia Pacific. Bill has helped established the Asia Pacific operations of several North American start-up's and has assisted many Australia companies in building their international businesses. Bill currently holds numerous board and advisory board positions in different organisations in various industries.