Leap into freedom as God makes himself real in your heart, life and ministry! He is calling you out of your boundaries and into the freedom of identity in Him. Join us for three Holy Spirit power packed days of intimacy, inspiration and impartation. God has prepared this season for His daughters to overcome adversity and smash the enemy's opposition in their lives; to Leap into their destiny.

Worship with Marcel and Ruth Preston, Angela Pinkston and the Precious Daughters band. Ministry with Jessika Tate, Emily Tedrow, Leslie Leland, Bertie Church, Barb Huschka, Theresa Owens and more.

Speaker Information

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    Jessika Tate

    Jessika Tate brings hope and inner healing to people living in active conflict/war zones. Her deepest passion is leading the charge for the church to fall madly in love with Jesus and give His heart a voice in the world. Founding Director of In Faithful Pursuit Ministries, her ministry empowers the bride of Christ and sows biblical justice in the nations. Jessika has been traveling the world preaching the gospel since she was 19 years old, reaching over 25 countries.

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    Emily Tedrow

    Emily Tedrow’s genuine love for God and His people defines her worship and ministry. Seeking passionately after God, Emily is as real in the pulpit as she is in Starbucks. Although she is known widely as a prophetic songbird, she is also one of God’s emerging leaders in the body of Christ. As Pastor of Jesus Pursuit Church, she raises up disciples of Jesus and empowers the body of Christ to do the ministry.

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    Angela Pinkston

    Angela Pinkston’s heart, passion, and love relationship with Jesus is contagious and her desire to run after Him in full obedience shines through her music and message. Whether at the keyboards, the accordion, or penny whistle, Angela has a unique Holy Spirit style that at once compels and deeply touches the body of Christ. The Worship Leader at Jesus Pursuit Church, she travels nationally and internationally leading and speaking.

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    Marcel and Ruth Preston

    Marcel and Ruth Preston are passionate worship leaders and recording artists who have a real heart to see the tangible presence of God come and dwell among His people. Physical and emotional healing is experienced as they minister in music. Together they pastor Catch The Fire Central, a Young Adult Campus in the University District of Toronto where their congregation is impacted and changed forever by God's love, mercy and grace.