Living from the Heart

Take the deep dive 18 inches from your head to your heart!

Living from the Heart covers:

Living from the Heart

  • Getting to know the God who causes every experience to work for good
  • Learning the Calling Journey model and creating a timeline of your own journey
  • Meeting God in suffering
  • Using transformational coaching to bring life in the midst of pain
  • Reframing techniques that help you and others take on God's perspective
  • Learning to hear Jesus speak to your desires through life circumstances

Speaker Information

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    Tony and Kathy Stoltzfus

    Tony coaches "senior leaders in painful transitions" around the world, and is the author of eleven books and numerous courses on coaching, change and leadership, including the best-selling Coaching Questions. As the founder of Leadership MetaFormation Institite he trains others to engage life from the ehart, Tony resides in Redding, Californai witih his wife of 31 years, Kathy.