Living Your Greatest Potential with Margie Schamuhn

The "Living Your Greatest Potential" Workshop with Special Guest Margie Schamuhn.

About this conference:

Are you living life to the fullest and being the best version of yourself?

Take the opportunity to invest in yourself and Increase your personal awareness to achieve more in life. Explore strategies to equip you to BE your best and DO your best. Incorporate tools to support your life goals and happiness. Identify the obstacles that get in your way of you achieving the best in your relationships, personal growth, success, fulfillment and happiness.

Join us for a 2 day journey designed to help participants understand what holds them back from having what they want. Learn skills to have a deeper connection with others. Learn how to leave a mark and have a positive impact in the world.

The program involves skillfully selected choreographed exercises and processes that the participants actively learn and to experience life in a whole new way. In a highly supportive, caring and respectful environment, through dialogue, thought provoking interactions and activities, this workshop is an opportunity for you to experience substantial growth.

Speaker Information

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    Margie Schamuhn

    - Margie Schamuhn, CPCC

    A seasoned Professional Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Conversational Intelligence™ Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Margie Schamuhn has specialized in personal, professional, and leadership development for over a decade.

    An entrepreneur at heart, Margie inspires individuals to turn challenges into opportunities to achieve positive change in their lives.

    Her belief is that whole thriving people are the most capable and effective leaders in business and in life. Combining the wisdom of neuroscience and coaching she calls out the best in people, provides strategies and tools to empower others, and effectively inspires her audience to live EXTRA-ordinary lives that are true to their values, vision and purpose.

    Margie has the privilege to speak and facilitate workshops throughout North America and in Europe. Her life purpose is to passionately lead others to live a life of authenticity, vision and purpose.

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