Love After Marriage Intensive - Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

The goal of Love After Marriage Workshops is to instruct and guide married couples into a relationship characterized by openness, vulnerability and love. During this workshop, couples have an opportunity in small groups to learn and practice how to bring spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness into their relationship!

Through participating in this workshop you will experience:

  • Fresh and bold teaching leading to spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness
  • Tools to take your marriage to a higher level of intimacy, communication and enjoyment
  • Opportunities to practice these tools in an intimate, small group setting
  • Breakthrough for struggling marriages, helping you overcome the strongholds in your relationship
  • Tools on how to work through conflict and steps to reconciliation
  • Keys to take even healthy marriages to a higher level
  • Activities, training and materials available to bring this life-changing ministry into your church

  • Speaker Information

    • Palsers

      Gary & Hilary Palser

      Gary & Hilary have been happily married since 1982, have three married daughters and two precious grandchildren! They attended the 5-day Love After Marriage Intensive at Bethel in 2013.

      Gary retired from his work as an actuary and Chief Risk Officer for his company at the end of 2015. As part of a plan to be re-fired rather than retired they attended the Spirit Connection Training workshop in January 2016. While at Bethel they met Phil & Ginny Comstock (LAM Ambassadors) and consequently hosted the Comstocks in their home in Cape Town and at a 3.5-day LAM Intensive workshop in their church. After being approved as weekly LAM leaders they facilitated the first weekly LAM workshop in South Africa in the first half of 2017. They were further re-fired through a year at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in 2017/18. While there, they attended LAM 2, another Spirit Connection Training and the Deeper Intimacy workshop.

      Gary & Hilary have both received inner healing themselves. Gary grew up in a difficult family situation which caused him to build walls around his emotions. He experienced deep inner healing which brought down these walls. Without this healing, Hilary would never have married him, as she is a feeler! In addition to the Spirit Connection training through Nothing Hidden Ministries, they have also received Sozo training; Hilary has introduced and led Sozo in their church.

      Gary & Hilary are NHM Regional Coordinators for South Africa. They have a calling to see marriages thrive and are very excited to see how God is using LAM and Spirit Connection to heal and restore marriages. For more information on events in South Africa and the team working with Gary & Hilary, please email