ONE - Worship Conference

At this conference, people come together who have the desire to meet God and be one with him and the heavenly sound of his presence. In praise, we want to come into harmony with God's heart, to meet Him intimately and to release God's government on earth in this flow.

We expect three days of glory in shared times of fresh, spiritual input, praise and worship and encourage you to actively engage with you. Materials such as cloths, flags, painting accessories, etc. may be brought along. We reserve the right to open the end of the sessions in order to give space to the work of the Holy Spirit. The sermon language is German and English (translation).

Speaker Information

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    Justin Paul Abraham & Janine John & Team

    Guest speaker Justin Paul Abraham is the founder of the "Company of burning hearts" ministry. His team and he go new and creative ways to explore and experience the supernatural world of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Their hearts is to lead people into their supernatural destiny. With Justin the worship band is traveling under the direction of Janine John. She is an experienced prophetic singer-songwriter who loves to unleash celestial realities through music.

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    Dagmar & Eric Thon & Team

    Dagmar and Eric Thon, pastors of the FIT-Church for life and longtime teachers, carry a deep revelation of the celestial identity as his new creation and intimate communion with God. Their hearts is that as Christians we discover and live our true authentic design in Christ. Eric Thon and the FIT-Band know how to flow in the flow of the Holy Spirit and release new heavenly songs and melodies.