Outpouring Conference 2018

Speakers: Dan Mohler | Ethan Bricker Worship Leaders: Daniel Robinson | Lydia Bricker

Outpouring Conference is a weekend designed to experience the goodness of God in all of His power and love. Join the burning hearts of believers in the Blue Water area on August 24th - August 25th as we exalt Jesus through extended times of worship, are instructed by the teaching of the Word, and experience ministry in the power of Holy Spirit. This is not just another conference. This is an opportunity to let the Love of God impact you so deeply that you walk away forever changed.

With special speakers Dan Mohler & Ethan Bricker you will be equipped and challenged to change your world for the glory of God. Encounter Jesus through incredible worship sessions with Daniel Robinson & Lydia Bricker. Breakout sessions on Saturday August 25th include break out speakers Dan Mohler, Bill & Kim Wahl and Shannon & Nancy Schreyer.



Speaker Information

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    Dan Mohler

    Dan Mohler is one who is living the Kingdom. His inspirational message of redemption penetrates the hearts of believers and motivates them to live righteous compassionate lives. His passion is to see the love of God reverse the effects of sin and sickness in the world. Daily, he sees God perform miraculous healings in the church and on the streets.

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    Ethan Bricker

    Ethan is the founder of Outpouring. He is passionate about equipping Christians to carry the love and power of God everywhere they go. His messages inspire and challenge believers to go and change the world they live in for the glory of God. He longs to see the Body of Christ walking in her true identity, unashamed of the gospel and ready to do whatever God requests.

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    Daniel Robinson

    Daniel Robinson carries a passion for authentic, experiential and powerful worship that provides encounter-filled moments with God. He leads with a heart to serve and love the Lord in everything he does. Daniel leads with a great understanding that God is near and is waiting for us to realize that He is truly present.

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    Lydia Bricker

    Lydia is a dynamic worship leader who is passionate about creating an atmosphere of genuine connection to King Jesus. Lydia loves to see the Bride of Christ step into their God given identity and purpose through worship. Her desire is for people to be marked by God through His presence so that they would be transformed from the inside out.