Responding to the Voice

This 2 day event will help you go deeper with God as you recognise His voice, learn how to understand and respond. Ben and Micah Williams from Life Ministries International will be teaching on the following topics:-

Hearing God's voice as a son/daughter - this session will help you learn how to hear His voice on a deeper level than before. God talks in many ways, we need to learn to recognise those and respond.

Responding to the voice for others - This session will delve into the prophetic and show you how you can hear God for others. How can the prophetic be used to help others find Jesus?

Responding to the voice in interpretting tattoo's - This session will also explore how to use tattoos to help people encounter the voice of God.

Responding to the voice in your dreams - This session will unpack dream interpretation and show you how to understand what God is saying to you in your dreams. It will also help you learn how to use dream interpretation as a way for others to encounter God.

Waiting for the promises - how do you hold onto what God is saying through His promises when you are not seeing them fulfilled in your life. How do you hold on in the waiting.

Speaker Information

  • Ben_and_micah

    Ben and Micah Williams

    Ben and Micah Joy Williams are the founders of Life Ministries International whose mission is to Reach the Whole Person and Reach the Whole World. They are church planters and pastors as well as published authors. God has touched thousands of lives through their ministry and involvement with Global Awakening where they teach in various capacities including Global School of Supernatural Ministry and Christian Healing Certification Program. Multiple thousands have given their lives to Christ through their ministry. With a heavy emphasis on believing truth and empowering people they equip people through relevant preaching with demonstrations of the Spirit and power. Prophecy and healing as well as sparks of revival fire follow their ministry. They have two incredible young daughters and live in Pennsylvania. To find out more go to