Revive Bethel Alumni

This is a gathering for Bethel Alumni in Norway.

It is on God's heart to help us re-connect with all the breakthroughs, revelations, anointings and testimonies that we walked in during our time at BSSM. It's like a treasure chest of immense values that we will spend the rest of our lives exploring and unleashing. But we need the Holy Spirit to unlock it. God wants to help us land what he gave us in Redding, in Norway.

Through worship and prayer we will let papa God lead us into His presence this evening, and we will allow Him to unlock each of our treasure chests. We will spend most of the time just releasing over each other what ever Holy Spirit gives us to release, and encourage each other to keep burning for Jesus.

The gathering starts at 7PM and ends whenever you feel like it's time to go home.
Address: Korsvoll Terrasse 16D