School of Revivalists

Join David & Allessia Edwards this summer as they launch their first School of Revivalists in Augusta, GA on July 13th & 14th, hosted by Father's House Augusta. Sessions include the 90's Revivals, Healing Movement, Great Awakening, Matriarch, Patriarchs, Mystics, Apostles, and more.

Speaker Information

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    David & Allessia Edwards

    David and Allessia Edwards are revivalists who ignite passion for the presence of God and heavenly encounters. Their vision is to transform culture through kingdom family. They also serve Leif Hetland and work with his ministry, Global Mission Awareness. David is a graduate of FIRE School of Ministry, and Allessia is a graduate of Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry. They live near Atlanta, GA with their doggy, Rylee, and have been in ministry over 20 years.