Single Life Workshop - 3 Day Intensive - Redding, CA

The goal for Single Life Workshops is to encourage growth in learning how to do relationships well. In Single Life Workshop we don't believe in just teaching and passing on information. We put men and women in small groups so they have a hands on opportunity to use the tools we've given them in order to relate with one another, share, and be themselves. They will have time with their appointed "family" to talk, play, laugh and work through the significant things that would hinder them in healthy, transparent, intimate relationships. This workshop is not about finding a mate but about becoming healthy, confident and ready.

Participants in this workshop will:

-Confront deep-rooted issues that prevent relationship

-Experience God's love in a way that will allow them to receive others' love also

-Practice sharing and being vulnerable within the safety of a small group

-Develop real relationships within the workshop

-Discuss how to pursue and engage the opposite sex in relationship

-Homework assignments that challenge and activate the sessions

-Cultivate healthy boundaries and learn when it is good to say "No"

-Talk about God's good plan for sexuality in marriage

-Have a good time while living in community and learning to trust others

Speaker Information

  • Jeremy_edited

    Jeremy Byrne

    Jeremy Byrne lives in Redding with his wife Britt; they moved up from Los Angeles in 2019. He has completed two years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Jeremy has his own relationship coaching practice, is a licensed cosmetologist (hairstylist), a commercial actor, co-hosts a podcast, writes music with his brother Justin as part of the duo Jer & Jaws, has a YouTube channel with his wife and leads worship at their church in LA. He combines his life experience with God, his talents as an entertainer, and genuine love for people to lead singles into breakthrough while having fun.

  • Justin

    Justin Byrne

    Justin Byrne is a musician/songwriter who has written and co-written many songs performed by Bethel Church (Redding) and Jesus Culture. He is currently living in Redding producing music as well as editing special NHM media projects. He brings a passion to see God transform lives in the workshops and shares his story with vulnerability and humor.