Source Conference 2018

Introducing Source: Living in the Presence of God, a new conference featuring four tracks designed to help you live an abundant, presence-focused life. Leaders in Family, Business, Leadership and Lifestyle will share their insight and experience through workshops with teaching and extended Q&A sessions. We will also spend time in God's presence through incredible worship while learning together how to be transformed by His presence in every area of our lives! We hope you will join us on May 18-19, 2018. Learn more and get tickets at

Speaker Information

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    Mike & Phyllis Best

    Mike & Phyllis Best are ministers for Restoring the Foundations. They desire to bless married couples and help them thrive in intimacy. They believe there is nothing like the closeness and warmth of being deeply heard, understood, appreciated, respected, known, and loved, and that being loved well helps us to live well in all areas of life. Mike & Phyllis hope to leave a legacy of couples loving each other well.

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    Dennis Brandon

    Dennis Brandon is the owner and president of a global sourcing company called International Consortium & owner of Dennis W. Brandon Construction. He's an inventor who holds many patents, excels in the sphere of business and brings the Kingdom of God into his pursuits. Dennis and his wife Keila have two daughters and live in Brentwood, Tennessee.

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    Jeff Dollar

    Jeff Dollar is the Senior Pastor of Grace Center and the co-founder of the School of Supernatural Life. He has spent more than 20 years leading people into the presence of God. Jeff and his wife Becky live near Nashville, TN with their two children Bethany and Joel.

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    Ronson Dykstra

    Dr. Ronson Dykstra is one of the leading chiropractors in Franklin, TN. He has been practicing corrective care chiropractic for more than 12 years. His mission is to help the Franklin community by empowering people with the knowledge and action steps to make a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic, nutrition and exercise. As an avid triathlete and IronMan competitor, he truly leads by example. Since opening his practice in 2013, he has won the Best of Parenting Award from 2014-15.

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    Danielle Helson

    Danielle is a church administrator, motivational mentor and the founder of Cultivate Boldness. She is passionate about equipping people to discover their purpose so they can effectively pursue their dreams. Through her teaching series Organizing Your Life, Danielle has impacted many with practical wisdom for partnering with God in effective goal setting, time management and other skills for living an abundant life.

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    A.J. Jones

    A.J. and her husband Alyn, are the Senior Associate Pastors at Grace Center and the co-founders of the School of Supernatural Life. Originally from Toronto, Canada, A.J. is a mother of three, a pastor, an author and a public speaker. A.J.'s story about meeting God and being transformed by His love has been told all over the world. Her life story and her book, Finding Father, have helped many to encounter the Father's love and develop a vibrant life relationship with Him.

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    Alyn Jones

    Alyn and his wife A.J., are the Senior Associate Pastors at Grace Center and the co-founders of the School of Supernatural Life. Originally from Scotland, Alyn is a gifted teacher who unpacks spiritual principles with simplicity and pairs them with practical wisdom, making him a sought out speaker. He is passionate about helping others connect with God, themselves and the people around them so they can live truly amazing lives. Alyn and A.J. have 3 children and host a popular weekly podcast called “Keeping Up With The Joneses” a show about tacos, video games and the presence of God.

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    Nina Pearce

    Nina holds a B.S. in Business Marketing and an M.B.A. from Oral Roberts University and has spent 30 years in technology sales. She started her career at IBM and then moved to DELL where she spent 17 years in global account sales. She is currently the North America Sales Director for New Global Accounts at Lenovo. Her primary responsibility is to lead a pursuit team that targets new global accounts for Lenovo. Nina is a board member at Grace Center and the Franklin YMCA, where she is an advocate for child fitness programs and the summer swim team program. Nina has been married for 27 years and has two children.

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    Aline Pinkston

    Aline is a wife, mother of six, and Registered Nurse for Haven Birth & Wellness. When she is not chasing kids around the house or putting miles on her minivan, you can find her coaching mothers through childbirth or reading a good book.