Spirit Connection Training - 2 Day - Böblingen, Germany

Spirit Connection is a deeply transformative inner healing method that helps individuals just like you not only experience healing in their own personal lives – but it positions them to help bring healing to others as well.

After 30+ years of implementing the Spirit Connection method in his Marriage & Family Therapy practice and seeing tremendous success, Barry Byrne, along with his wife, Lori have helped countless individuals experience powerful breakthrough and true and lasting freedom.

By going through the Spirit Connection Training, you will:

1. Learn how to invite God to play an active role in your own healing journey.
2. Discover easy-to-use tools that can be practiced on yourself and others that will help address and uproot the real issues behind any area of struggle.
3. Gain insight, revelation and confidence on how to walk others through deep and powerful healing with the help of Holy Spirit.

If you’re ready to begin helping others experience deeper levels of freedom and wholeness in their life, as well as yours, sign up for Spirit Connection Training!

Speaker Information

  • Heidenreichs

    Martin & Betty Heidenreich

    Martin and Betty Heidenreich have been married since 1990 years and are parents of four lovely children. They’ve served for 25 years in full-time ministry as pastors at a church in Stuttgart/Germany. From the beginning of their years in ministry, they have had a heart to encourage and help couples. Previously, their focus was especially on young couples to help prepare them for their marriage. Since 1999, they were in charge of a nationwide ministry in this area.

    In 2012, Martin and Betty visited their first Love after Marriage (LAM) workshop in Switzerland. This experience enriched their marriage, their ministry, and especially their personal relationship to Holy Spirit. Hungry for more, they went to Redding, CA with their family for 6 months. In Redding, they had the chance to participate in LAM 2 and visit a Spirit Connection & Leadership Training in the home of Byrnes.

    Currently, they now live in the Southeast part of Germany near Salzburg/Austria. A network of different churches hired them to help them full-time in the area of evangelization.
    Martin and Betty want to see couples living in deep connection and freedom! Their desire is to bring the principles of Love after Marriage into the body of Christ in Germany.

    Martin and Betty are currently serving as the NHM Regional Coordinators in Germany. For more information on events in this region and the team working with Martin and Betty, please visit https://nothinghidden.de/.