Spirit Connection Training - 2 Day - Westmeadows, Victoria, Australia

Spirit Connection is a deeply transformative inner healing method that helps individuals just like you not only experience healing in their own personal lives – but it positions them to help bring healing to others as well.

After 30+ years of implementing the Spirit Connection method in his Marriage & Family Therapy practice and seeing tremendous success, Barry Byrne, along with his wife, Lori have helped countless individuals experience powerful breakthrough and true and lasting freedom.

By going through the Spirit Connection Training, you will:

1. Learn how to invite God to play an active role in your own healing journey.
2. Discover easy-to-use tools that can be practiced on yourself and others that will help address and uproot the real issues behind any area of struggle.
3. Gain insight, revelation and confidence on how to walk others through deep and powerful healing with the help of Holy Spirit.

If you’re ready to begin helping others experience deeper levels of freedom and wholeness in their life, as well as yours, sign up for Spirit Connection Training!

Speaker Information

  • Deon-and-marion-hunt-300x300

    Deon & Marion Hunt

    Deon and Marion married in 2010 having both endured the pain and trauma of divorce. Deon became an instant father of three teenage girls (scary indeed!)

    They attended a LAM workshop within the first year of their marriage and experienced healing and breakthrough, both individually and as a couple.

    After leading LAM 1 and 2 they were invited to attend SCT in Redding CA in 2014. They returned even more passionate about partnering with Holy Spirit and NHM to see individuals and couples set free from any hindrance or bondage that would prevent them from experiencing the marriage God desires for them.

    They personally use the tools they learned through NHM and continue to be set free from anything that doesn’t align with Kingdom and God’s best for their marriage.