Stepping Out Interactive Conference 2017

Stepping Out is all about getting outside of our comfort zone. Going after God no matter how it makes us look and allowing God to use us the way He designed us to be used. The conference will give you the opportunity to see how God can use you everyday to share His love as we equip you with the tools you’ll need to reach people in your city. The conference will encourage you to seek God like never before as you learn how to walk prophetically and use the gifts God has given you to have an impact everywhere you go. You will receive a better understanding of your authority as a believer to lay hands on the sick and reveal God’s healing power. We will also share the testimonies of how the power of love can cause someone to be restored or born again. There will also be a time of corporate prayer over our cities/nations and we will engage in a prayer walk around our city. This conference will transform you and stir your faith in a way that will allow you to be like Peter and ABANDON SHIP and WALK ON WATER.

Speaker Information

  • Tim

    Tim Sevarino

    Conference Organizer, Speaker

    Tim Sevarino is the leader of Stepping Out Conference. In 2006 Tim heard God say to him “Its time to step out of the boat”. He knew exactly what God was saying and since that day His relationship with God has taken him to places he never dreamed of and used him in ways that he feels God has called us all to live. Tim has been equipping and leading teams for years demonstrating the Gospel in different cities. His desire is to see others take their relationship with God to a place that causes them to live the Gospel out in the way we are all called to. God has been using him locally and nationally to lead and work with others to reach their city with the good news of Christ. Through the simple act of loving people they see people healed physically, spiritually and emotionally. Tim feels like he has a mandate from God to encourage and equip others to live life out of their comfort zone and allow God to work in and through them supernaturally everyday!

  • Jeremiah

    Jeremiah Crouch

    Team Pastor, Life Church

    Jeremiah Crouch is Senior Associate Pastor at Life Church in Fort Myers, Florida. He is also leader of the Building Prophetic Culture ministry. His heart is to see people awakened to the true love of the Father. To see them encounter Jesus in a way that surpasses superficial love. His prayer is for people to experience the kind of love that tears down walls and awakens hope and promise. Jeremiah desires to see Gods people restored and their dreams fulfilled.

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  • Zach___mikaela

    Zac & Mikaela Camp

    Worship Leaders

    Zac and Mikaela Camp serve on staff at Life Church in Fort Myers, Florida as youth pastors and worship leaders. They are passionate about raising up a radical generation of kingdom carriers. Zac and Mikaela share the same sense of responsibility in releasing the new song. In February 2016, they released their debut worship album, Into The Deep. In their words, “We both simply began writing down the songs we would sing to the Lord in our private worship times with Him. The songs on Into The Deep have all been birthed out of that deep place of worship with the Father; that place that is so hard to articulate. It is that place you know exists without a shadow of a doubt; that place where there is perfect peace, clarity of His voice, and supernatural comfort.”

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