Unveiling the Kingdom

Could it be that the modern-day church, over the past 1,500 years, has been lulled into believing that the "Gospel" is nothing more than a message of salvation? Could that deception be THE reason why we see, today, so many churches that operate with religious FORM, but demonstrate no evidence of the POWER that we read about in the New Testament church in the Book of Acts?

Join us as we remove the religious veil from the ONLY Gospel that Jesus ever preached ... the Gospel of The Kingdom!

Speaker Information

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    Kyle Byrd

    With 10 years of local church ministry as an associate, 16 years of global travel, and the planter of a Kingdom-cultured church ... Church at The Epicenter in the Texas Hill County (2005), Kyle and the FL Global ministry team are committed to networking with other Kingdom-cultured churches and ministry organizations nationwide!

    Our priority? To see the New Testament church restored to its original intent, as set forth in the Book of Acts!