Worship and/or Arts Leader

El Cerrito, CA (SF East Bay) Arts & Entertainment Religion Created Sep 26, 2017 1:02 pm
Life in Christ Ministry
Job Type:
Hours Per Week:
Job Description:


1. Pursue and encourage an atmosphere of worship

2. In cooperation with the Senior Pastor, develops, implements, and administrates the entire music/performing arts program of the church.

3. Direct, arrange and cultivate the music presented at all services.

4. Develop small groups (e.g., quartets, trios, solos, drama team, etc.) to minister at services.

5. As requested, coordinates the presentation of "outside" musical guests.

6. Supervises sound systems, microphones, and all other musical maintenance and upkeep pertinent to the music department.

7. Seeks to discovers and encourage new talent.


1. In conjunction with the special times of year (e.g., Christmas, Easter, July Fourth, etc.), present major productions during the year involving the local talents from the church and guests.

2. As requested, coordinate the teaching of two or three classroom music courses for adults twice each calendar year.

3. When possible, work with the Minister of Youth in the development of a Youth Choir and youth ensembles.

4. When and where applicable, develop and maintain multiple church bands.

5. As requested, attend all staff meetings.

6. Receive further training and have notebook and pencil available at all meetings.

Job Requirements:

1. Must be born again and spirit-filled.

2. Experience as Worship Leader / Art Director

3. Ability to play piano or guitar

4. Some discipleship/leadership training

Highly Desired:

1. Musical and/or performing arts education

2. At home in multi-cultural environment

Reports To:
Senior Pastor