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Redding, CA Business Created Nov 08, 2017 2:23 am
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Successful entrepreneur, corporate president and non profit founder, seeks an experienced and professional Executive Assistant. Executive is a member of Bethel Church, has started and run various multimillion dollar corporations, has 2 large non-profit organizations with 100+ staff, and holds summits with leaders of influence from around the world at his lodge called The Summit (www.summitretreat.org). He is highly visionary and constantly working on multiple ‘large scope’ projects simultaneously. Executive is a songwriter, screenwriter and public speaker and has multiple media projects underway.

This position will allow the right candidate the opportunity to gain an understanding at a very high level of how to achieve success with excellence in the fields of endeavor that this executive works in. Valuable experience is gained in this position that can be applied to many different career interests that would greatly enhance ones resume and qualifications for future high level work. A letter of recommendation from the CEO/Founder has opened doors for other past employees. The areas of focus are media, social justice, music, technology, business and ministry.

Candidates must be able to multitask and keep up in a fast paced work environment plus complete tasks in an efficient and effective manner while maintaining a high regard for confidentiality, integrity and tact. The ideal candidate is hard working and organized – flexible and able to coordinate several different projects at the same time.

Responsibilities & Roles(include, but are not limited to):

Office Manager:

· Oversee the hiring of new staff including: creating & posting job descriptions, screening & interviewing, executing new hire paperwork, etc.

· Set up and administrate staff email accounts, office keys, and other staff needs

· Manage & maintain office supplies, equipment, work stations, and office internet & phone service

· Supervise the maintenance of business and personnel files.

· Track monthly expenses. Work with bookkeeper to verify charges and pay bills.

· Assist accountant with collecting and submitting documents during tax season

· Prepare and execute necessary business documents, including contracts. Follow up with legal documents for business as needed.

· Manage Executive’s business travel planning & booking

Personal Assistance:

· Assist in managing Executive’s household including scheduling maintenance/repairs, housekeeping; coordinating catering, visitors, guests and parties.

·Managing Executive-owned small conference facility overlooking Mount Shasta, including managing guest bookings, managing and scheduling maintenance, repairs and house keeping.

· Research and purchase gifts for friends and family

· Maintain business & personal calendar

    ·Manage Executive’s personal travel planning & booking

    ·Manage & assist with Executive’s on-going personal projects, both small and large


RESEARCH MULTIPLE projects con-currently.

· Research will include (but is not limited to) finding information on products, people, organizations, solutions etc. on the internet and other sources.

    ·Providing succinct summaries on selected non-fiction books, articles and presentations on a variety of topics. These topics can include artificial intelligence, influence of values on society and influence of technology on society and humanity’s future.

    ·Providing confident recommendations & solutions based on research.

Job Requirements:

· Strong internet research skill. MUST have working knowledge of internet culture.

· Minimum 12 month commitment required.

· 24 - 40 hours / wk.

· Prefer Bachelor’s Degree or Two Years’ Experience in related field

· 50+ WPM

· Proficient in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint (or Keynote).

· Creative problem solver; critical thinker; tenacious and resourceful

· Professional and polished; articulate and strong written/verbal communication skills.

· Strong time management skills. Able to work independently and as part of a team.

· Quick learner, self-starter, hardworking, very well organized, and adaptable.

· Proactive and detail-oriented, must work successfully under pressure.

· Business savvy, technical skill, CS and/or IT experience is a plus.

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Executive Officer