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Program Manager
Goldie’s House USA Home for children rescued from slavery

Welcome to Unlikely Heroes! Since 2011, we’ve been running homes for children rescued from slavery all over the world and we now have six homes in four nations – the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico and the United States.

Here at Unlikely Heroes, we are creating a family – not a program. And that means we are all willing to work together to take care of each other – even when that means preferring the needs of those around us. We are servant-hearted, mission-minded, and driven to create programs that make tangible impacts. Words we use a lot are “together” “family” “excellence” and “commitment”.

We don’t just want to do things well, we want to create programs that actually change lives. And our programs are changing lives because of the sacrifice and commitment of all of the team members and extended community and family that has been built around Unlikely Heroes and our kids! We are not just team players – we are family makers and this is not a place for people who want to ride solo or who need credit. This is a place for people who when they hear a need are first to say yes and are also fully willing to create a structure that makes that “yes” healthy, sustainable and reproducible. We want to gather team members around us and our kids who are willing to work hard enough to create something we can all be proud of.

So, if you’re smart, a hard worker, a big dreamer and a world changer who is always willing to back up the dream with lots of hard work, this may just be the place for you. We have lots of fun, too, and the best part of all the fun is that we get to celebrate the successes and victories of our kids’ rescues and transformations together!

As the Program Manager, you will be spending lots of time with the kids. You will be driving them to school, helping with homework, cooking dinner and enjoying meals together, taking them to dentist appointments, helping them create resumes and apply for jobs, and making sure that the lives of all of the rescued kids living in our home are well organized and running smoothly. In interacting with and maintaining relationship with the kids, confidentiality is very important - keeping all related information of each child confidential when interfacing with teachers, parents of the children’s friends, and all non- Unlikely Heroes employees.

You will also be running general, household operations – from managing budgets to buying groceries, making sure the home is well kept and that the girls in the home are doing their chores, and generally making sure the home is well-run and well-maintained. You will also be responsible to participate and support our residents in our behavior modification program.

There is also an administrative component to the job. As part of the greater organization with Unlikely Heroes, you may be helping to coordinate outreach events, assist with grant writing or other administrative and fundraising duties, as well as being part of the greater overall Unlikely Heroes operations including the Dallas Initiative, our Dallas-focused anti-trafficking program.

Goldie’s House has up to 6 girls living in the home, and we are looking for a female team member who would live in the home and is willing to commit to at least a 2-year timeframe as the Program Manager for Goldie’s House. The home is fully staffed and includes other long-term, live-in team members who will be there to make sure your transition is a success!

You will have 2 days (and nights) off each week. This is a full-time salaried position (DOE) and includes housing. Unlikely Heroes has a benefits program and you qualify for benefits after 3 months. Texas is an at-will state and Unlikely Heroes is an at-will employer.

Job Requirements:


  • BA degree minimum, Master’s or higher-level education preferred
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience as a manager in a social service program
  • Proven track record of leadership experience of at least 3 years
Highly Desired:

About You

    • Organized, high energy, takes initiative.
    • Upbeat & optimistic.
    • Highly adaptable, emotionally stable and understands that there is a lot of change and highs and

      lows that can happen when working with victims of trauma.

    • High level of maturity and responds well in a crisis situation. Naturally has a good sense of how

      to lead people into stability.

    • Receives feedback well and is willing to receive input on how to interact with the girls and alter

      the way you are interacting and communicating with them, based on their needs as survivors of


    • Hard working, stays late to get the job done.
    • Not easily offended or angered.
    • Ability to say “no” in a calm but firm manner to the girls in our program regardless of their age

      and uphold all program rules and guidelines.

    • Able to tell the girls no and restrict their activities based on the particular security needs and

      mental capabilities of each child.

Reports To:
Director of Dallas Initiative, Kelly Sherpy, Erica Greve CEO