Live-in nanny/household help

Cambridge, MA Family Created Jan 16, 2018 7:50 am
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Job Description:

Family is seeking a female live-in nanny/household help. We have 6 years old girl and 4 years old son, and twin boys turning 2 years old this spring. We live in Cambridge, MA, near Harvard Square and Davis Square.

In exchange of help with the children and house duties, the family offers accommodations and food, and a monthly payment of $1,000.
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Job Requirements:

Mostly the hours needed will be in the mornings and evenings (Mon - Sat 7am-930am, 7pm-1030pm, Sun OFF). The nanny can get another part time job if she so desires, however, priority must be a family.

We love to travel to nearby states - NH, VT, ME on the weekends and nanny is invited to come for these mini-vacation! :)

There are plazas and fun squares with shops, cafes and restaurants in walking distance from the house.

During the hours, nanny will be helping with household duties, running errands and help taking care of children. During the day two out of four children will be going to a daycare.

House organizing and cleaning help

Laundry, folding

Grocery shopping

Highly Desired:

Mature spiritually and emotionally

Love working with children,

Love teaching and spending time with them

Flexible and adaptable to sponteneous lifestyle of the family

Organized and detail oriented

Familiar or learn about Montessori philosophy

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