Associate Pastor of Youth & Young Adults

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Gateway Christian Fellowship
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Position: Associate Pastor of Youth & Young Adults

Status: Full-Time, Salary


We desire to empty the global orphanage and help every person find their secure and powerful place in the family of God. Empowered by Holy Spirit, we love God and love others, therefore becoming a family supernaturally fulfilling God’s mission.

West Haven is located in the coastal area along Long Island Sound. Situated next door to New Haven (estimated population 130,000), West Haven is wonderfully located along I-95. West Haven has one high school and one middle school, but over 10 high schools and many middle schools are within a 10 mile radius. Also located within miles of Gateway is the University of New Haven, Southern Connecticut University, Yale University and Gateway Community College (no affiliation).


*This position reports to the Sr. Associate Pastor & Director of Administration.

*This position relates to the other pastoral team members, leaders in youth and young adult ministry and students.

*You will participate in weekly staff meetings, weekly family ministry meetings, off-site pastor gatherings and missional communities.


*“Connect relationally” with the church, pastoral team members, youth / young adult leaders, students, etc, so that we can “see the journey” of your own life, the church and others while attaining God’s destiny for Gateway and with Gateway.

*Bring your skills, experiences and talents to provide quality leadership to Gateway Student Ministry, it’s leaders and our parents.

*Improve the quality of our student ministry and young adults, evidenced partly by participation, discipleship and the quality of their spiritual life.

*Build a leadership pipeline that results in committed volunteers who love Jesus, students and young adults.


1.Translate and implement church mission, vision and values in areas of ministry responsibility.

2.Recruit, train and disciple a leadership team who can lead students, discipling them from where they are to where God wants them to be.

3.Serve as the voice of youth ministry and young adult ministry to the pastoral team, church family and region by communicating clearly and effectively.

4.Allocate resources that support the vision, mission and values of your areas of ministry.

5.Provide a fun, safe and spiritually rich environment for students.


The student ministry health strategy mirrors the health strategy of the church, which is…

1.Engage the community, connect with students (church and non-church) and integrate them into the ministry.

2.Develop a “reproductive discipleship model” for leaders and students.

3.Share God stories on a regular basis, highlighting what God is doing in the lives of young people.

With that in mind, the Associate Pastor of Youth & Young Adults will be evaluated on the following three metrics.

1.Steady and/or increase attendance at the student service over the next three years from 40 to 75. (these numbers are flexible based upon transition)

a.Provide weekly services inviting students who do not know Christ.

b.Provide annual retreats, fun events and “big nights.”

c.Create an active presence on social media.

d.Visit the local high school and middle school.

2. Grow discipleship groups from 0 to 40 people over the next three years.

a.Increase the number of small group leaders by 50% to accommodate growth.

b.Create a training and long-term care program to ensure the health of leaders and volunteers.

c.Champion the vision and purpose of discipleship to students and give them opportunities to engage new groups.

3. Re-organize the volunteer leadership structure.

a.Create an advisory team by the end of year one.

b.Design and implement a volunteer training and discipleship system by the end of year two.

c.Recruit, Train and Delegate ministry responsibilities to your team by the end of year three.

Job Requirements:

Formal education is not required. The successful candidate will have a proven track record of ministry in the local church.

Three specific skills stand out:

1.People Skills.

You must have clean hygiene, look professional and carry yourself with respect and dignity. You must be able to communicate well, manage conflict, be a good listener and honor others. Being a team player is essential.

2. Leadership Skills.

You must know how to plan, delegate and follow through. Leaders reproduce who they are more than what they do. You must be a person who keeps his word and lives with strong character. You must know how to communicate with your team, provide clear leadership, strong boundaries and hold people accountable to their journey.

3. Ministry Skills.

You must represent the student ministry with excellence to the church, parents and community. You must be able to translate the overall church mission, vision and values creatively to our student community. You need to be growing in your overall journey with Jesus. You also need to be hungry for God and familiar with the ministry of Holy Spirit.


*You would work Tuesday to Friday, and on Sunday - about 40-50 hours a week. Sometimes you will work on Saturday.

*You would participate in weekly team meetings and monthly all day meetings.

*You would meet with your pastoral oversight (Family Life Pastor) on a weekly basis.

*You will meet with the Executive Pastor twice a month.

*You will meet with the Lead Pastor once a month.


You salary would be dependent upon experience. As a staff member of Gateway Christian Fellowship, you are also eligible for the following benefits:

*Health Insurance for you and your family (80% of monthly premium is paid by church, 20% by you).

*120 hours of vacation time each year as outlined in the Employee Manual.

*Paid annual conference for you. (as approved by the Executive Pastor)


Gateway, formerly known as Faith Christian Church, began in November 1975 as a new church. A young couple from Florida, Nick and Kathy Champlin, moved to New Haven, Connecticut to start a church. After a powerful, but bumpy early beginning, the church became known as Gateway Christian Fellowship. Brian & Candice Simmons were the pastors of this small congregation. Through intimate worship, powerful ministry and strong leadership the church grew. For 17 years Brian & Candice led the church and then passed the baton of leadership to Todd and Joy Skeirik. Gateway, again, entered some difficult years, but Todd and Joy provided strong leadership for 5 years. In the fall of 2013 Lance and Darlene Bane became the Lead Pastors of Gateway. The church is experiencing a renewed passion for God, growing as a healthy family and reaching the community, one life at a time.

Gateway places a high value on children, students and young adults. We are a house of fathers and mothers who want to raise up the next generation, who will provide Spirit empowered leadership in all areas of society.

Highly Desired:


*You love Jesus.

*You love the local church.

*You love teenagers and their families.

*You embody the values of Gateway.

*You have a strong, pro-active work ethic and a “get it done” mentality.

*You have an attitude of constant improvement.

*You are teachable.

*You have strong people skills and are a good communicator.

*You love working with people and are a team player.

*You can manage projects.

*You are a planner.

*You have great references.

*You have experience working with students.

*If you are married, you have a healthy marriage and your spouse feels called to ministry as well.

*If you have kids, you have a healthy relationship with your children.

*You are punctual.

*You have a hopeful and joyful worldview.

Reports To:
Sr. Associate Pastor & Director of Administration