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Hiring a Media Producer

Media Producer's Job Description

Media Producer will will create video and photo series describing faculty and international student lifestyles at our university in China (SIU). The Media Marketing Producer role will be focused on episodic delivery, audience growth and branding. All videos and photos created will be used to promote SIU to prospective foreign teachers and attract candidates for study abroad. Media Producer will oversee the Social Media Marketing Coordinator.

Media Producer's Core Responsibilities

Teach 2 hours a week in the fall and 4 hours in the spring with all relevant requirements of a part-time teacher as described in the original contract. These hours will be concentrated on 1 Oral English core class in the fall and divided between 1 core Academic class and 2 substitute teaching hours in the Spring.

Work 18 hours a week in the Fall and 14 hours in the Spring on video and photo storytelling

  • 5-7 hours a week in pre-production, scheduling, meetings and other administrative tasks
  • 2-5 hours a week in production/filming
  • 7-10 hours in post-production

Detailed breakdown of job responsibilities

Planning and Administration

  • Media Producer will create and update video scripts
  • Media Producer will research information for Graphics (GFX) and photojournalism posts
  • Media Producer will handle all administrative tasks (i.e. creating budgets for equipment, follow up on requests, creating yearly production presentations for leadership, logging hours, etc.)
  • Media Producer will meet and create production plan and vision scripts with Party A (Recruiting Coordinator and Dean of International Students)
  • Media Producer will revise production plans
  • Media Producer will update project manager site
  • Media Producer will schedule interviews, plan location and equipment needs for video shoots
  • Media Producer will screen content to leadership
  • Media Producer will manage social media coordinator (i.e. supervise deadlines and project completion, prepare social media delivery calendar
  • Media Producer will train team on storytelling techniques (e.g. interviews)


  • Media Producer will conduct interviews
  • Media Producer will film daily life, classroom and event b-roll

Post Productions

  • Media Producer will store and backup all footage on hard drives
  • Media Producer will create titles/GFX or source them from contract workers
  • Media Producer will share footage with SIU News Center and International Office using Baidu and AppleCloud
  • Media Producer will edit footage: lay story interviews, lay broll visuals, adjust and clean-up audio, color correct visuals, lay graphics
  • Media Producer will export and back up videos
  • Media Producer will create photo stories to be shared by SIU News Center
  • Media Producer will meet with SIU supervisor to create a detailed production plan for school year, including video descriptions and intended delivery schedule

Job Duties

  • Will create 2-3 video series that include multiple videos per semester describing different aspects of academic and personal life at SIU
  • Will make any necessary revisions to SIU owned promotional videos from previous year to cater to the needs of current recruitment season
  • Media Producer will work in collaboration with the Coordinator of Recruiting, Office of International Scholars, Social Media Coordinator and the SIU News Center staff.
  • Media Producer will teach an academic level elective course in the Spring within Party B’s field of study: journalism, scriptwriting or visual storytelling.
  • Contract will begin on August 20th and conclude at the end of the Spring semester

Salary and Benefits


Media Created in the Past


Send your resume and cover letter to Aaron Vorbau

Also Accepting Applications for Ministry Interns!

Download Internship Job Descriptions:

You will need a BA Degree, desire to travel and a heart to mentor students! [teaching experience preferred, but not required]

If you are in Redding, email so our Redding representative can treat you to coffee. Two alumni who have taught with us live in Redding.

Start Date Timeline for 2018:

  • Apply Year Round - apply here.
  • Interviews November 15 to June 1st (earlier you apply the more opportunities)
  • Job Offers January to June
  • Visas Processed July
  • If BSSM grad, attend Bethel's Missions School May 14-28
  • LIT Boot Camp in Kansas City June 17 to July 7
  • TEFL Certification in July if you do not have 2-years teaching experience
  • Flight to Asia August 18 or September 8
  • New Teacher Orientation August 21-26 or September 11-16
  • Teaching Begins Sept 1 or September 18

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We offer a variety of academic courses taught in English. These courses are offered through the School of Foreign Languages and School of Business. Academic teachers prepare lectures and discussions for classes of 60 students on average, and multimedia classrooms are assigned for these courses. The full-time teaching load for academics is 12 class hours a week, providing ample time for preparation and meeting with students. Textbooks and other resources, including supervision, are provided. Flexibility to provide input into new textbooks and supplemental case studies possible. Applicants with corresponding degrees, teaching experience or work experience in an academic course discipline will be considered for openings.

We are interested in people with a variety of backgrounds, but we are especially looking for those with experience or college degrees in the following areas:

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Benefits for SIU China University Position

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Consider enrolling in Long-term Impact Training (LIT) experience which is designed for first-year teachers to help them prepare for mentoring and impacting the Chinese culture. Download the LIT brochure to get more info about this optional training:

Job Requirements:

You don't have to have formal teaching experience. This is a great opportunity for those who would love to travel, mentor, and touch lives in China through teaching. Learn more at:

If you do have teaching experience, you are qualified for higher paying jobs.

Academics In Asia SIU China Campus provides one of the smoothest transitions into the Chinese culture as you join a university that caters to their 160 foreign faculty. AIA is the official recruiting branch for SIU. (See Pictures of the SIU Campus:

Professional Requirements:

Business teachers should have a Masters Degree or 4+ years of business

experience preferred. Oral English Teachers need a BA Degree and TESOL Certificate or BA and 2 years teaching experience. Higher salary for higher degrees.

  • Professional or informal teaching experience preferred.
  • Desire to interact in a cross-cultural setting.
  • Willingness to learn and develop teaching with excellence.
Highly Desired:

Moral Requirements:

  • Ability to work with a myriad of people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Willingness to enter into a foreign country with patience and diligence.
  • Commitment to integrity and a heart of servant-leadership.

Social Requirements:

  • You will be living in a community for 150 Foreigners with 120-300 impressionable students looking up to you as a role model.
  • You will be expected to have interpersonal skills, be a team player, and realize life in China requires flexibility

Contact or 209-877-7427 to learn more!

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