Extension Campus Pastor

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Church at the Gate
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    1.The role of the Campus Pastor is to work in harmony with the Senior Pastor, having a firm grasp on the vision, the values, and the mission of Church at the Gate and help align those attending the extension campus, including key volunteers and lay leaders, with its mission.

    2.The Campus Pastor serves as the primary representation of the Senior Pastor and leadership of Church at the Gate to the extension campus and its community. This responsibility is very similar to an ambassador who is sent out as the representation of the larger body.

    3.The Extension Campus Pastor is to understand, highly value, and strongly partner with the vision, strategy and goals of the CATG Senior Pastor as well as with the mission statements and tenets of faith found in the bylaws of Church at the Gate.

    4.The Campus Pastor does not write or implement original protocol outside of the scope of Church at the Gate, but instead extends the protocols and practices of the primary campus to the extension campus, therefore serving as a bridge between the primary campus and the extension campus.

    5.The Campus Pastor is to release the Spiritual and Relational DNA flowing from the ministry and the leadership of Church at the Gate to the extension campus. Therefore, the Campus Pastor will answer directly to the Senior Pastor and will work alongside other church staff and lay ministers to carry out both the Senior Pastors vision as well as the church’s mission statement.

    6.The Campus Pastor will work as an assistant to the various department leaders of Church at the Gate in order to reproduce and extend their ministries to the extension campus and community. This includes, but is not limited to: Children’s ministry, Youth ministry, Worship, Prayer ministry, Outreach ministry, Life Groups, Fellowship and Social activities, Pastoral Care, Inner Healing and Deliverance, and Service projects.

    7.The Campus Pastor will promote, develop, cultivate and champion strong relationships between the members of the extension campus with each other, as well as between members of both campuses so that the end result is one thriving church family meeting in multiple locations.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

    1.Work Week: 40+ hours per week (Salaried)

    a.The work week will consist of 4-week days as well as Sunday. Days off will be Saturday and one more day during the week of the employee’s choosing.

    b.A minimum of 16 hours is to be spent at the extension campus office with availability for church members to come and receive pastoral counseling, prayer, etc.

    c.One full day (approx. 8 hours) is to be spent each week at the primary campus in Sioux Falls.

    d.The remaining work week will be used for the Sunday Service as well as various responsibilities that fluctuate from week to week (Examples: Visitor Follow up; Visitation; Evening Worship Practices; Life Groups; Pastoral Counseling; Event Planning; Outreach and Evangelism; Supplies Shopping; etc.)

    2. Meet regularly with the Senior Pastor in order to ensure that the vision, direction, and mission of the church is being fully imparted to the extension campus. The regularity of this meeting is to be at the Senior Pastor’s discretion.

    3. Meet regularly with the various departmental staff in order to ensure that the various ministries at the extension campus are in step with the ministries of the main campus. The goal is that the experience of individuals attending the extension campus is very similar (or as close as possible) to the experience of those attending the main campus.

    4.Help recruit and connect key volunteers from the extension campus with the departmental staff leaders of Church at the Gate, where they can be trained and equipped.

    5.Work with the Senior Pastor to provide pastoral care ministry to individuals and families connected to the extension campus.

    6.Provide Pastoral visitation and assistance to church members and guests, as well as premarital counseling when needed. Conducts and performs weddings and funerals when needed for members of the extension campus.

    7.Serves as an administrative pastor, working with the extension campus office staff and/or clerical staff by directing the daily business operations of the extension campus.

    8.Networks with the community and local churches to develop partnerships.

    9.Preaches periodically as agreed upon by the Senior Pastor.

    10.Strategically evaluates the community and works with the senior pastor and the rest of the CATG staff to find effective ways to encourage the body of Christ and impact the community with the Gospel and the Love of Jesus Christ.

    11.Keeping within the parameters of the annual church budget, the Campus Pastor orders misc. supplies and assists the CATG Board of Trustees in the oversight of both the designated and the non-designated purchases for various needs for the extension campus.

    12.Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

Job Skills and Requirements:

Must be a born-again believer with a maturing relationship with Christ. Must show a faithful pursuit of the leadership characteristics listed in 1 Tim 3.

This position requires a minimum of three years of experience as a staff member in a ministry leadership capacity. The successful individual will be a self‐starter, not requiring a great deal of supervision, with a solid work ethic and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.

Enjoys being with and interacting with various people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Derives satisfaction from finishing projects.

Able to set goals and work toward achieving them on time.

Able to empower volunteers and gently guide them as they grow in their gifts and talents.

Strong Planning, Prioritizing, and Goal Setting skills.

Must have a heart for growing strong people as well as growing numerically, all the while intentionally impacting the community positively.

Highly Desired:

Here at Church at the Gate our hearts are fixed on this one thing: to see God fully glorified and His kingdom expanded in our region. His heartbeat is our war drum; it urges us on — farther and deeper than we have been before, with more passion, and with greater resolve.

When it comes to leaders, we are looking for the most committed, passionate, and faith-filled people to link shields with us and march forward to see God arise and His enemies scattered. We are believing for a great awakening in the Midwest of the United States.

The right candidate will be a passionate lovers of God with a deep desire to see a move of the Holy Spirit that will change individuals, marriages, entire families, as well as whole communities. We are looking for leaders who live beyond themselves, that are filled with fire and authority.

While we have many requirements listed above, the bottom line is we are looking for someone who is wholly submitted to the Lord, hungry for revival and filled with the Holy Spirit.

If that is you, please prayerfully consider this position.

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