Associate Pastor

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Hope Alive Church
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Job Description:

Team Pastor over College/Career/Young Marrieds

General Summary:

First responsibility is to provide pastoral direction and leadership for the College/Career and Young Marrieds of Hope Alive. By example and by assisting them to be spiritually fervent, relationally wholesome and service oriented as a fellowship and as followers of Jesus, making a difference in our world.

The Primary Goals:

Associate Pastor

· To instill sound biblical doctrine and a love for the Word of God.

· To develop a sincere and dynamic expression of Presence driven, true spiritual worship – in praises, in prayer and in daily personal devotion.

· To develop a servant-attitude toward our community as “bridge builders” and expression of God’s love for all people.

· To foster Evangelism.

· To foster and develop leaders.

Associate College/ Career & Young Married Pastor

· Fully integrate the lives of this segment of our church into the lives of the church body.

· Create a culture of love and laughter, a sincere devotion to the purposes of God

· To provide a solid biblical foundation for life, work, family.

· Develop and foster a kingdom mindset.

· To foster and develop leaders.

Administrative Responsibilities:

1. Organize and prioritize a yearly plan for executing the primary responsibilities and goals for College/Career department and for the Young Married/Family Life department.

2. Cooperate with the other departments of Hope Alive. This includes events/calendar planning, always striving for what is best for the health and progress of the people, and the placement of people resources.

3. Project and submit a ministry budget for approval.

4. Approve all department expenses as per the budget provided. Create check requests as needed. Validate expenses on the company credit card with receipts.

5. Ensure communication with church staff and leadership.

6. Conduct routine meetings your leadership teams for the purpose of planning and training.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

1. Meet the qualifications as laid out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9

2. Have a vibrant personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ – water baptized, filled with the Spirit with the evidence of a prayer language.

3. Energetic, outgoing and social

4. Communication skills, both in public speaking and in personal interaction.

5. Ability to delegate tasks yet follow through to completion; maintaining the ultimate responsibility for the task. Leadership.

Ability to adhere to and lead others in implementing the culture and DNA of Hope Alive in standards and traditions.

6. Strong ability to be a “team player” and effectively lead a team.

7. Ability to receive and give constructive feedback.

8. Ability to engender a level of trust in interaction with others, maintain confidentiality and generate a high level of trust and partnership with the parents of the young people of our group.

9. Computer and social media savvy is necessary.



Regular attendance and reliability are vital requirements of this position.

Must practice tithing and giving.

Must honor and respect age and ethnic diversity. (Multi-generation and Multi-cultural)

Must be conservative in the bible and liberal in His Grace and Love.

Job Requirements:

Some experience needed.

Some bible training - Bible College or Internship


Spirit Filled

** Email Resume, References and Picture.

Highly Desired:

Must have positive, energetic and passionate disposition.

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Lead Pastor